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KTM INOX Mini, Easy, Speedy, Rugged

KTM INOX Mini, Easy, Speedy, Rugged

25 November 2014
Top Performance Even Under Harsh Conditions

The KTM Inox contrast sensor from SICK features high grayscale resolution and is integrated into a new, rugged stainless steel housing. The optimized OES4 ASIC technology, combined with a response time of 35 μs, ensures reliable and accurate detection of contrast marks, even on glossy materials. The various teach-in methods (dynamic, static, and switching threshold close to mark) ensure greater flexibility during commissioning. The integrated IO-Link interface can be used to access the parameter settings. This speeds up and simplifies format changes. The KTM Inox reliably detects marks even in conditions with weak contrast ratios and is therefore ideal for use in a wide range of applications, even in harsh environments during intensive cleaning.

Mark detection on different materials - Optimum performance thanks to large dynamic range

Black and white or color, matte or shiny – with the new ASIC in the KTM Inox contrast sensor, print marks are reliably detected on a wide range of materials. This improved performance is particularly beneficial for shiny materials such as high-gloss foils and for low contrast levels. For example, the sensors can deal with weaker saturated print marks that arise as a result of scanning or due to the use of low contrast and pale colors.

Mark detection - high cycle for fast-moving processes

Particularly for processes that involve very high throughput speeds in packaging machinery, food & beverage and the graphics industry, a contrast sensor is used to transmit the required switching signals rapidly and precisely. With a response time of 35 μs, the KTM Inox is the ideal solution in this respect. It can quickly and reliably detect the signal variation when the contrast mark has been passed, therefore ensuring high positioning accuracy even at high throughput speeds.

High grey scale resolution

With the KTM Inox contrast sensor even processes demonstrating minimum differences in brightness between print or contrast marks and the background can be accomplished in a reliable manner. In addition to differentiating between black and white, this sensor can also take a range of shades into account. Its fine resolution of approx. 20 gray tones guarantees that even minimum levels of contrast are detected. This extends the application range of the KTM Inox contrast sensor to also include challenging applications.

IO-Link: Key benefit – fast format change

With IO-Link technology format changes can be handled quickly and easily by retrieving the parameter settings of jobs that have already been completed from the control system‘s memory.

Further advantages of IO-Link include visualization of the signal quality and the output of quality characteristics supporting advanced diagnostics.

At a glance

  • Contrast sensor in small, rugged, stainless steel housing
  • High grayscale resolution
  • Sensing distance: 11 mm (± 3 mm)
  • Static and dynamic teach-in methods in a single variant
  • Switching frequency: 15 kHz
  • RGB light source
  • Ecolab-certified and tested to IP 67 and IP 69K enclosure ratings
  • Remote monitoring and rapid analysis thanks to IO-Link function

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