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CSM – Mini, Easy, Smart

CSM – Mini, Easy, Smart

25 November 2014
Enhanced Color Detection Performance

The new CSM color sensor from SICK offers improved performance on glossy surfaces combined with an IO-Link function and a miniature housing. The CSM is ideal for applications where color characteristics need to be detected reliably and installation space is at a premium. The sensor detects and monitors objects on the basis of their color.

The small CSM color sensor can be set using a simple teach-in method, while the new IO-Link function enables intelligent diagnostics, visualization of sensor parameters, and straightforward format changes. Thanks to a switching frequency of up to 2 kHz, the CSM is also suitable for use with high-speed machines and manufacturing processes.

When color matters – one solution for different applications

If color is the most critical factor for accurate detection, checking and sorting, the new SICK CSM color sensor is the right choice. The CSM utilizes single-color LEDs (RGB) to blend together to match all color hues. The light is transmitted to the object to be tested and the CSM calculates the color coordinates from the reflected beam and compares these with the previously stored color reference values. This technology is used in different applications such as the identification of tubes in the pharmaceutical industry, color verification on sewing thread spindles, packing detection without print marks or process control in the printing industry.

Chips bag production without print marks – an application example

For aesthetic reasons some manufacturers do not want print marks or associated reading lines on the packaging and that is where the CSM comes in. The color sensor controls the packaging process based solely on a color hue in the print image. The easy teach-in function allows that the corresponding color only needs to be learned once.

With the advantage of a precise light spot the CSM scans the foil or packaging material and switches once it detects the taught color avoiding print mark errors.

IO-Link: Key benefit – fast format change

With IO-Link technology, format changes can be handled quickly and easily by retrieving the parameter settings of jobs that have already been completed from the control system‘s memory.

Further advantages of IO-Link include visualization of the signal quality and the output of quality characteristics supporting advanced diagnostics.

At a glance

  • Color sensor in new miniature housing
  • Static and automatic teach-in method via control panel or IO-Link
  • Improved performance on glossy surfaces
  • Switching frequency of up to 2 kHz (IO-Link 1 kHz)
  • 12.5 mm (± 3 mm) sensing distance
  • RGB light source
  • Remote monitoring and rapid diagnostics via IO-Link
  • Compatibility with older color sensors thanks to M12 pigtail

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