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Miniature load cells

A selection of the latest product news, technical articles and application examples for the term Miniature load cells:

SG for fiber composites available immediately ex stock from HBM

The New Ultra-miniature C11 Force Sensor

HBM: With its C11, HBM introduces a new series of compressive force transducers that open up new areas of application due to their ultra-miniature design. The new compression load button load cells are based on strain gauges and are thus...

H2B Miniature Sensor

H2B Miniature Sensor

Zemic Europe: Zemic proudly introduces the H2B miniature loadcell. This force sensor is extremely suitable for suspension force measurement. With a height of only 6.4 mm this is one of our thinnest sensors. This sensor is available

ZEMIC miniature load cell for med-tech: Novuqare choose customised ZEMIC load cell for bag sealing in sterilising process

ZEMIC miniature load cell for med-tech ...

Variohm: Novuqare b.v., the Netherlands based med-tech instrument innovator has developed a range of bag sealing machines for medical instruments that use specially modified ZEMIC miniature load cells to precisely

Miniature load cell for audio equipment

Miniature load cell for audio equipment

Variohm: Rega began designing and manufacturing audio equipment in 1973 and today, thanks to its obsession with innovation and the resurgence of interest for vinyl, is now the UK’s largest manufacturer of high-end turntables. Rega...


Zemic Europe: specialist of custom made ...

Zemic Europe: As a designer and manufacturer of millions of strain gages Zemic has developed itself as a specialist of custom made miniature sensors. Due to the limited space in a machine or the special mounting requirements it is a continuous...

Model MIN845 miniature load cell

Model MIN845 miniature load cell

Stellar Technology introduces the new Series MIN845 miniature compression load washer/load cell. An ideal solution for a variety of applications such as fastener testing, the MIN845 is fully welded, shock and vibration resistant, and constructed...


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