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HG4930  6DOF IMU


28 March 2017
HG4930  6DOF IMU (The HG4930 is not ITAR controlled. Its Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) is 7A994)

ETLG Inertial Aerosystems: The HG4930 is a high performance, MEMS based Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) designed to meet the needs of a range of applications across  various markets including agriculture,  AUVs, industrial equipment, robotics, survey/mapping and stabilized platforms. Derived from Honeywell’s tactical grade  IMU’s the HG4930 offers unrivalled performance without the restrictions of an export license.

With industry standard communication interfaces, extremely small size, light weight, low power and a wide input  voltage range the HG4930 is easily adaptable to most applications. The HG4930 includes MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers.

Three different performance grades of the HG4930 are available as off-the-shelf items. The HG4930 offers configurable features, such as output data rate and feedback control signal filtering, to simplify system integration. Honeywell screens and calibrates all of the MEMS inertial sensors utilized in the HG4930  IMU.
A fully functional evaluation kit is available.

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