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Electricfil sensors and actuators rev up Diesel technology

29 May 2007

Diesel engine is the most popular in Europe, thanks to driving pleasure and low consumption. Electricfil sensors and actuators are key components for the new generation diesel engine management.

Electricfil Automotive specializes in sensors and actuators for diesel engine control systems. Their actuators optimize combustion in direct-injection engines by accurately controlling the quantity, flow rate and timing of the injected fuel. They also produce camshaft speed sensors for quick engine starting and crankshaft speed sensors for very accurate diesel injection timing. The company's non-contact position sensors are ideal for actuator, EGR and turbocharger control and their temperature sensors can be used to monitor air-admission, engine coolant and cylinder head temperature. Integrated mechatronic solutions are available to help automakers improve engine reliability and performance while reducing costs. Electricfil's innovative sensors include full custom ASICs for higher accuracy, diagnostic capability and EMC performance. High-grade components and sealed packages are used to withstand harsh diesel engine environments including temperatures up to 350°F.

1) Actuators
Electricfil develops and supplies more than 5 million electromagnetic actuators every year for the new generation of common rail diesel injectors. To boost injector performance, Electricfil actuators optimize combustion in direct-injection engines by accurately controlling the quantity, flow rate and timing of the injected fuel. They use robust, reliable and efficient electromagnetic technology to provide a competitive solution with performance comparable to existing piezo technologies, but at a lower cost. At the production end, Electricfil employs a flexible, responsive process, handling large variations in demand. Automated production lines offer high quality and individual traceability for each product.

2) Speed sensors
More than 120 million engine speed sensors developed and produced by Electricfil are in use worldwide. In pace with the market shift from passive VR to active electronic technology, Electricfil has developed compact electronic sensors to accurately measure camshaft and crankshaft speed. A new generation will soon offer even higher accuracy and EMC performance. These speed sensors allow quick engine starting and accurate injection timing and flow rate control. The result is greater driving comfort and a remarkable drop in fuel consumption, reducing pollution emissions.

3) Position sensors
Electricfil non-contact position sensors are ideal for EGR, turbocharger and actuator control. They use a wide range of sensing technologies including Hall effect, magnetoresistive and LVDT to cover all angular and linear measurement needs in terms of range, accuracy and integration. High temperature components (up to 350°F) and sealed packages are used to withstand harsh engine environments. Electricfil has also developed full custom ASICs for smart sensing and improved diagnostics.

4) Temperature sensors
Electricfil also develops and produces temperature sensors. They are mainly used to measure engine coolant, cylinder head, diesel and air admission temperatures. Electricfil is working on a new generation of temperature sensors with an innovative package. The result will be higher reliability at a lower cost.

5) Integrated solutions
Mechatronic integration is the state of the art in powertrain applications. Electricfil proposes various integrated solutions to help automakers improve engine reliability and performance while reducing costs. For example, Electricfil has developed a Magnet Ring System (MRS) combining the sensor and magnetic encoder in an integrated crankshaft speed measurement solution. Small size, high accuracy and easy installation on the assembly line help car manufacturers meet continuous downsizing challenges. More than 10 million MRS sensors have already been fitted on vehicles.

About Electricfil Automotive
Electricfil Automotive designs, manufacturers and markets electronic and electromagnetic powertrain components and modules (sensors and mechatronic modules, injection actuators and ignition systems) for car manufacturers and OEMs around the world. A family-run business for three generations, Electricfil is an international group with 1200 employees, sales of $200 million and a strong worldwide presence. Electricfil Automotive is the European leader in speed and position sensors for diesel engine control systems, holding about half of the market. Products for diesel engines include actuators for common rail injectors, speed, position and temperature sensors and integrated solutions.

About Electricfil Corporation
Since 1996, Electricfil Corporation, the group's U.S. subsidiary based in Livonia with production facilities in Alabama, supplies solutions for North American powertrain applications.

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