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My Vitaminbar integrates Zemic Europe BM6A load cells to live your juicy life!

My Vitaminbar integrates Zemic Europe BM6A load cells to live your juicy life!

14 December 2020

Zemic Europe: Live your juicy life! This is the philosophy of My Vitaminbar. My Vitaminbar designed a machine which is not only very healthy, but also economically very interesting for cafes, juice bars, hotels, shopping centers, offices etc. Juices can be combined without having to handle it previously. Within 5 seconds a fresh juicy is produced, conserving the vitamin level at 100%..

At Zemic Europe, we are glad to be able to contribute to this solution with our force sensors. My Vitamin bar contributes to a healthy lifestyle. This fits well with our slogan "We believe we make you stronger". With the integration of our force sensors, we contribute to healthier life styles as well.

Zemic Europe & My Vitaminbar

  • Weighing sensors integrated in My Vitaminbar
  • Dosing and weightcontrol
  • Harsh wash down environment
  • Acidic juices
  • Healthy Innovation

How Zemic Europe advised My Vitaminbar

Weighing is necessary and an important feature in My Vitaminbar.

By controlling the weight of the glass of juice, possible overflows are avoided. Also the size of glasses can be adjusted by adjusting the weight of a full glass of juice.

The machine is cleaned after each glass of juice by pushing the cleaning button.

Due to this cleaning procedure My Vitaminbar asked for an accurate sensor which can resist the cleaning fluids and acidic juices from fruits.

More about My Vitaminbar

My Vitaminbar is the innovation to make fruit juices by just a push of the button. All fruits are kept in a refrigerated display case. The floor line series of My Vitaminbar all have integrated electronic scales. With these integrated scales the amount of juice can be pre-programmed. By pre-programming the weight the amount of juice can be controlled to avoid unnecessary overflows.

The juices are freshly made without handling the fruits previously. This saves a significant amount of time and makes this machine ideal for use in juice bars, cafes, hotels and companies. You only need to refill the fruit and the machine takes care of the rest.. The world of juices will reach a new dimension with the revolutionary My Vitaminbar machines, capable of making fruit and vegetable juices in just 5 seconds, preserving all the vitamins and properties of vegetables. Making a perfect juice has never been easier.

Benefits of My Vitaminbar:

  • Production time of 5 seconds, conserving the vitamin level at 100%.
  • The machine cleans itself by pushing a button.
  • Fruit and vegetables do not need to be peeled or cut: just washed.
  • An electronic scale allows the machine to stop itself when filling the glass, thus avoiding overflow.

The BM6A Single point IP68 loadcell used in My Vitaminbar

The BM6A load cell has been selected as the best fitting component. This load cell has the following characteristics:

  • Stainless Steel, IP68 single point load cell (available capacityrange 6kg-60kg).
  • High accuracy. 
  • The unique selling point for this load cell is the combination of stainless steel and IP68. The high Ingress Protection classification in combination with the material makes it excellent for weighing devices in the food industry.
  • Suitable for platform scales in the food industry, harsh wash down environment.
  • Maximum platform size: 350 x 350 mm.

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