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Touring Cars and Formula 1 as Test Beds for Production Vehicles

Touring Cars and Formula 1 as Test Beds for Production Vehicles

20 August 2006

Kistler's wheel force measuring systems revolve around high-tech race car measurement tried and tested in the DTM Series and Formula 1. The capabilities and reliability of the two different lightweight systems in use come into their own where ultra high precision measurement is required under extreme loads.

Touring cars are based on the design of production vehicles, but have a specially tuned racing chassis. The DTM therefore offers an extensive test bed for the use for RoaDyn measuring wheels. On a circuit in Portugal racing mechanics fit Kistler RoaDyn S625 measuring wheels for fine tuning the vehicle. This particularly light measuring wheel with carbon fiber structural components offers the major advantage of internal signal transmission that avoids impairing race car aerodynamics. The experience gained in extreme racing situations is also exploited in the ongoing development of the RoaDyn family of measuring wheels.

Kistler's lightweight titanium RoaDyn V6F1 is used by various racing stables. Kistler has now modified its design to enhance its adaptability and extend its service life. Signal processing has also been improved by new electronics, which now provide analog measurement signals with the option of 0 … 5 V, 0 … 10 V or ±5 V output voltages. The sensor system is even more resistant to the effects of extreme temperatures. The improved system characteristics have been documented in numerous series of tests on tire and wheel stands.

Kistler Group

Kistler’s core competence is the development, production and use of sensors for measuring pressure, force, torque and acceleration. Kistler’s know-how and electronic systems can be used to prepare measuring signals for use in analyzing physical processes, controlling and optimizing industrial processes, improving product quality in manufacturing and improving per-formance in sports and rehabilitation.

Kistler offers a comprehensive range of sensors and systems for engine development, automotive engineering, plastics and metal processing, installation technology and biomechanics.

A worldwide sales presence in the form of 19 group companies and 30 distributors ensures customer proximity, application support on an individual level and short lead times.

With a staff of more than 800, the Kistler Group is one of the world’s leading providers of dynamic measuring instrumentation. The Kistler Group achieved turnover of 160 million Swiss Francs in the 2005 financial year.

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