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Sensors for Force Measurement in Press-Fit Processes

Sensors for Force Measurement in Press-Fit Processes

26 July 2006

The new ready-to-install piezoelectric force sensors complement the existing range of compression and tension elements, and optimize force measurement in press-fit processes with regard to price, simple adaptation, measuring range and compactness.

Each of the five compact force sensors – Types 9313, 9323, 9333, 9343 and 9363 with measuring ranges of 5 kN, 20 kN, 50 kN, 70 kN and 120 kN – is supplied with three 100%, 10% and 1% measuring range calibrations.

There are flanges on the top and bottom of the type 9333, 9343 and 9363 that enable them to be easily and flexibly installed directly in presses, punches or rams. Very low, space-saving direct installation is achieved through one-sided mounting by means of four internal precision threads or by using the hexagonal slot screw with threaded insert supplied. If direct installation is not possible, the sensors can be mounted using a standard or custom adapter. High-precision coaxial installa-tion, such as in presses, is possible using a double-sided centering seat. The sensor has a central hole which enables it to be used in combination with ejection tools. Sizes 9313 and 9323 are designed with a central blind tapped hole at both ends for mounting an axial shaft adapter.

If direct mounting is not possible, the sensors can be mounted using a standard or custom adapter. The lateral cable outlet is protected with a screw-on connector cap and is part of the accessories included. SCS calibration and calibration of additional measuring ranges are available as optional extras.

Kistler Instrumente AG

Kistler’s core competence is the development, production and use of sensors for measuring pressure, force and acceleration. Kistler’s know-how and electronic systems can be used to prepare measuring signals for use in analyzing physical processes, controlling and optimizing industrial processes, improving product quality in manufacturing and improving performance in sports and rehabilitation

Kistler offers a comprehensive range of sensors and systems for engine development, automotive engineering, plastics and metal processing, installation technology and biomechanics.

A worldwide sales presence in the form of 18 group companies and 30 distributors ensures customer proximity, application support on an individual level and short lead times.

With a staff of 800, the Kistler Group is one of the world’s leading providers of dynamic measuring instrumentation. The Kistler Group achieved turnover of 174 million Swiss Francs in the 2006 financial year.

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