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xBloom coffee machine equipped with customized Zemic miniature load cell for a golden cup of coffee, every time!

xBloom coffee machine equipped with customized Zemic miniature load cell for a golden cup of coffee, every time!

12 May 2023

The company TBDx Inc wants you to enjoy cafe quality from your favourite roasters’ coffee at home with one touch. For this reason they designed the state of the art coffee machine xBloom.

When this product was designed the product engineers knew that every detail mattered when it came to making a great cup of coffee.

Drinking great coffee is dependent on the grind size adjustment (18.75 um per step), temperature control, pouring style and complete control of speed and volume for each pour division. When this is assured, you are always drinking great coffee with a very high level of precision and flexibility.

Due to the specific demands and the expertise of Zemic, TBDX has chosen Zemic to be its supplier for the embedded smart scale sensor. Together with the engineering department we designed a force sensor which perfectly fits into the xBloom design.

Zemic Europe and xBloom by TBDx Inc Company

  • Expertise in coffee grinders combined with weighing expertise
  • The force sensor is located in The Dock
  • As if a barista is brewing right in front of you
  • Customized force sensor fits perfectly in coffee machine

How Zemic advised TBDx company for the xBloom coffee machine

Zemic and xBloom had close contact and many discussion during the initial design of the coffee machine.

Due to the shape of the machine a customize solution was needed. Shape, accuracy and overload protection where important factors.

This resulted in a custom made force sensor which met the customer expectation.

With the xBloom coffee machine project, Zemic is happy contributing to making every cup of coffee taste exactly as how it is intended!

What Zemic miniature sensor is being used?

The custom made miniature force sensor is located in The Dock.

The embedded smart scale that accurately weighs the freshly ground coffee and water output and automatically gives you the golden coffee-to-water ratio needed for a perfect brew. It also has an anti-overflow detection mechanism.

Not only the shape and size are customer specific, Zemic also adds a connector to the sensor. By doing this, the installation of this sensor has become more efficient. Read here more about our sensors for coffee machines.

About the xBloom coffee machine

With the xBloom it is possible to design your own pour-over! Download the xBloom app, select your parameters and get your preferred pour-over, time after time. The app also gives you the possibility to alter brew parameters.

Not only the consumer is involved in the brew parameters, also the coffee roasters are in the driving seat. Each compostable capsule has an integrated RFID chip. This allows the roaster to curate and encode the right bean-recipes.

This way each capsule delivers the perfect grind size, at the right temperature and brewing ratios for every cup. xBloom is the world’s first coffee grinder that automatically adjusts the step motor to produce specified grind sizes and auto-recalibrates for consistency.

Additionally, the xBloom coffee machine uses sustainable materials and production processes, making it an eco-friendly option for coffee lovers.

Your weighing expert is ready to help you

For all your questions about the integration of (custom-made) force sensors, load cells or miniature sensors, please feel free to contact our weighing expert:


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