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IECEx and ATEX Certificate for ring torsion BM24R load cell

28 October 2016

Zemic Europe are proud to announce that we have been awarded  the ATEX European approval for our Ring torsion loadcell BM24R (from 60kg-60t). Enabling our customers to use this load cell in explosive environments.  We are also very pleased to inform our customers that we have also achieved the IECEx certificate for the BM24R. An international certification. (International electrotechnical commission for certification to standards relating to equipment for use in explosive atmospheres).

In order to achieve this, a sample of the Ex product has been independently tested and found to comply with the International Standards. It also highlights that our manufacturing site has been audited to verify that the Zemic quality system meets IECEx requirements.

  • BM24R IECEx Certificate
  • BM24R ATEX Certificate

Our BM24R stainless steel, IP 68 (hermetically sealed) load cell is suitable for high accuracy hoppers, platforms and pallet scales. It has an Integrated static overload protection up to 13t. Due to its design and protection this is extremely suitable for the food industry.

With this new certification our customers will also be able to use our loadcell in workplaces, in explosive environments, where flammable substances are stored or used, for example, factories where flammable liquids are present or where flammable dusts are produced in the process.

Applications where our ATEX BM24R can be applied: 

  • Process control 
  • Bulk handling applications 
  • Food weighing machines 
  • Platform applications 
  • Hoppers 
  • Batch weighing 
  • Silo applications 
  • Belt scale applications

We also have a complete series of mounting accessories are available.
The BM24R Tank-mount together with the BM24R product family up to 13t, provides a low profile weighing assembly. The installation height for the capacities are:

  • 0.25t -   1t   :  80 mm
  • 2t -   5t   :  105 mm
  • 10t - 13t   :   117 mm

The stainless steel design with rocker-pin load introduction guarantees long term reliability even in the most harsh environments. The mount design tolerates controlled movements in all directions, it eliminates the need for check rods unless major load movement is anticipated. The design allows the load cell to be placed or replaced after installation of the mount.

If you would like to have more information about our BM24R load cell or request a quotation please do not hesitate to contact us.

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