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DVS: A digital load cell with aseptic design for filling machines

DVS: A digital load cell with aseptic design for filling machines

23 September 2015

In a context of more and more stringent food safety requirements, SCAIME introduces the first load cell combining hygienic and fully digital design.

In order to match with the ever increasing requirements of filling machine manufacturers, the DVS load cell allows increasing machines productivity by faster filling and shorter machine downtime.

SCAIME has developed an easy-to-clean digital load cell, thanks to an original design without sharp edges. This design complies with the requirements of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group), association promoting hygienic designs for food machinery and equipment.

SCAIME has innovated with a new load cell design for high speed rotary filler, validated in partnership with a worldwide leader in filling machines. With this design, the DVS ensures that the cleaning and sterilization processes will remove all stains of microorganisms.

Beyond its aseptic characteristics and to meet the need of ever faster rates of filling machines, the DVS integrates a powerful controller for signal processing and full management of the filling process.

It thus offers a high measurement speed with several digital filters to reduce vibrations, and dosing algorithms optimized for filling machines at very high operating rate.

The DVS is provided with PC software (eNodView) for parameters setting and to achieve vibration analysis for digital filters adjustment.

Each load cell is equipped with 2 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs for direct control of filling operations and can be easily connected to any automation system via a MODBUS RTU or CANopen network.


SCAIME is a global market player for load cells and for the electrical or optical measurement of physical quantities. SCAIME designs and manufactures sensors and measurement systems for industry in the following application fields:

  • Weighing solutions

SCAIME offers load cells and weighing controllers for integration into automated processes. With expertise in automation and weighing applications, SCAIME is a preferred partner of machine manufacturers or end-users in the fields of food, chemical, pharmaceutical and materials processing.

  • Measurement solutions of physical quantities

SCAIME offers standard or customized sensors and electronics for measurement of force, torque, strain, displacement or pressure. These solutions are dedicated to the production control or the equipment of vehicles, medical devices, aircrafts and helicopters.

  • Optical measurement solutions

At the forefront of measurement technologies, SCAIME offers complete solutions for structural health monitoring by means of optical fiber. This new technology, based on Bragg gratings and allowing such measurements as strain, temperature or displacement, is particularly suitable for use in the field of energy, civil engineering and transportation.

The company is based in Annemasse (France) and ensures its international development with a network of specialized partners in more than 60 countries.

The quality system of SCAIME is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 standards and EN 9100: 2009 integrating aeronautical requirements, particularly for the design of embedded force sensors on aircrafts.

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