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Worldwide-connected measurement data management

Worldwide-connected measurement data management

18 September 2019
Everything from a single source

Delphin Technology AG: Operators want their test benches, large-scale systems and machinery to be connected via measurement technology and to gain maximum benefit from the generated data. Machine manufacturers want to give customers added value by offering both connectivity and measurement data analysis.

We therefore offer you a tailor-made complete package comprising central measurement data management, data acquisition hardware and measurement technology software.

Worldwide networking

The Delphin Data Center is the complete software solution to connect systems, machines and test benches regardless of age, location or interface to any data source. The Delphin Data Center reliably meets every need of a centralised measurement data management system. It performs tasks ranging from distributed and source-independent data acquisition, loss-free data compression and data pre-processing through to instant, global access to current and historical measurement data.

Compact data acquisition

The Loggito Logger has 4 to 8 universal analog inputs with 24-bit resolution as well as two digital combined inputs/outputs with frequency counter and PWM function. Internal data storage of up to 8 GB capacity enables autonomous measurement operation. Internal software channels can perform intelligent pre-computation of measurement channels. Integrated LAN and USB interfaces allow communication via OPC UA, Modbus TCP and user-defined protocols.

Intuitive Software

The proven software package ProfiSignal is available for data visualisation and analysis. ProfiSignal Go requires just a few clicks to display live and historical data in multi-configurable y(t) trends. ProfiSignal Basic adds functions for visualisation and the controlling of processes via individually designed dashboards. ProfiSignal Klicks is the premium package to realize complex process controls without the need for programming effort.

Location-independent visualization and control.

The client–server software ProfiSignal Web is available for worldwide and location-independent process monitoring and control. You can compile your individual diagrams from a large number of display and control elements. Measurement data is visualised in performance-optimised y(t) diagrams that enable smooth back and forth scrolling between live and historical data. No installation is required on your mobile device because viewing simply takes place in any browser.

From acquisition hardware and central measurement data management through to the worldwide location-independent visualisation and analysis of measurement data. For operators of test benches, large-scale systems or machinery as well as for machine manufacturers who want to offer their customers real added value, we can provide you with a tailor-made complete package for measurement data connectivity.

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