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World's Best Performing Particulate Matter (PM) Sensor Now Available from Ion Science Ltd.

World's Best Performing Particulate Matter (PM) Sensor Now Available from Ion Science Ltd.

03 February 2023

Global gas sensing leader ION Science Ltd, recognised for their expertise of more than 30 years in the gas sensing industry, has today formally announced the addition of a high-specification Particulate Matter (PM) sensor to its portfolio.

ION Science now proudly offers both the world’s best performing Photoionisation Detection (PID) and Particulate Matter (PM) sensors, further supporting the company’s status as a global leader in sensor supply and service.

NextPM is the latest innovation from TERA Sensor, a company by Groupe TERA, designed for use in industrial, environmental monitoring, and smart city applications, it is the most advanced particle measurement solution available on the market.

The sensor features advanced technical innovations that enable ultra-precise measurements to be obtained, even in extreme climatic conditions. Providing real time PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 measurements in both µg/m3 and pcs/L, compared with some alternatives on the market which are only able to estimate PM 2.5 and PM 10.

NextPM has been independently verified by South Coast AQMD as the world’s best performing, low-cost particulate sensors, ensuring high performance across a wide range of applications and environments.

ION is now a global distributor for TERA Sensor with exclusive distribution rights throughout the UK. Duncan Johns, Managing Director of ION Science Ltd, added: “Our goal is to provide a world-leading, complementary portfolio of sensors. To do this, we must continually develop innovative technologies ourselves, while also collaborating with field industry-leading technology partners such as Groupe TERA. Their PM sensors ideally complement our PID range, providing a complete solution for air quality management across a broad range of sectors and applications.

“The NextPM sensor breaks new ground in performance and reliability, and we anticipate strong demand from customers in both industrial and environmental applications seeking to optimise air quality and safety in line with local and international standards.”

TERA and ION are aligned in their mission of delivering innovative sensors, backed by unrivalled integration support and service, as well as their vision of preserving the environment through better air quality, and protecting lives.

Pascal Kaluzny, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe TERA, commented: “Our partnership with ION Science Ltd enables the distribution of our sensors worldwide, allowing users to benefit from market-leading sensor performance wherever in the world they are located. Both companies share common goals, with a strong commitment to optimised air quality, and broader environmental considerations. We continue to innovate to deliver the next generation of sensors combining unrivalled accuracy, robustness and ease of use across multiple applications.

Founded in 2001 and based in Crolles, France, Groupe TERA is a leading global player in real-time measurement, analysis and evaluation of air quality. It is one of only a handful of companies worldwide operating across the entire air quality value chain, meeting diverse customer needs. Its dedicated laboratory specialises in the analysis of chemical air pollutants across a range of environments, while the company designs, develops and supplies an acclaimed range of innovative sensors for real-time air quality measurement. These are complemented by the company’s innovative professional analysis software which processes the air quality data gathered by its sensors.

Based in Cambridgeshire, UK, with offices in the US, Europe, India and China, ION Science specialises in the manufacture and distribution of gas detection based on photoionisation detector (PID) technology. Serving a worldwide industrial customer base, ION Science sensors enable rapid, accurate detection of hazardous gases. In locations such as oil rigs, gas refineries, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor factories, laboratories and nuclear facilities, ensuring the protection of workers, the public and the environment. The group was recently awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise, one of the most prestigious accolades for business excellence in the UK.

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