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Wireless SAW Temperature Sensors without Battery

Wireless SAW Temperature Sensors without Battery

14 June 2012

SENSeOR launched successfully at the latest SENSOR+TEST fair a new wireless passive SAW temperature sensor and several packaged systems for measurements with up to 24 sensors

Sophia-Antipolis, France – June 12th 2012 – Back from a successful week in Nurnberg – Germany – at SENSOR+TEST tradefair, SENSeOR receives the first orders for the products launched at this occasion: a new wireless passive SAW temperature sensor screw-mounted (M18) for internal/bulk temperature measurements and high-end packaged systems T01, T04 and T06. The new sensor TSA F131 features infinite autonomy, needs no maintenance, and performs temperature measurements up to 165°C even on rotating parts. It is designed for temperature measurements on rolls or cylinders in paper industry or automation for instance. This screw-mounted sensor can be purchased as part of high-end systems for measurements with 1, 4 or 6 sensors in systems T01, T04 and T06 respectively. These systems are also available with a thermowell packaged sensor (stainless steel probe TSA D100) or a sensor for surface temperature measurements (aluminum fixture-mounted TSA F151). A customized version of these high-end systems enables measurements with up to 24 sensors.

SAW technology (Surface Acoustic Waves) exploits the piezoelectric properties of quartz resonators inside the sensor. The sensor is only powered by the radio-frequency waves it receives. SENSeOR uses unique interrogation methods with its high-end transceivers and computes the frequency changes in sensor response into temperature measurements. All SENSeOR’s SAW sensors are based on a unique-patented differential structure, which makes them the most stable devices on the market. Getting rid of the hard-to-install and costly wires and without the need to replace any battery, they enable new measurements, at the most critical hot points of the monitored equipment, like inside turbines or generators, on the rotating bearings or on the rotor.

Product information:

  • Screw mounting wireless SAW temperature sensors (Surface Acoustic Waves)
  • Reference: TSA F131
  • Measuring temperature range: -15°C +165°C
  • Dimensions LxW in mm: 60x26
  • Integrated antenna
  • Fixation: Stainless steel screw M18

High-end temperature systems:

  • T01: 1 sensor with transceiver WR C001 – ISM Band operation
  • T04: 4 sensors with transceiver WR D001 – ISM Band operation with 4 antennas
  • T06: 6 sensors with transceiver WR D005 – wide band operation
  • On request: 24 sensors with transceiver WR D004 – wide band operation with 4 antennas


SENSeOR exploits Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) to conceive unique-patented wireless passive sensors for temperature, pressure, strain and torque measurements. With infinite autonomy and no maintenance required, these sensors perform enhanced condition monitoring in Automation, Energy, Transportation – even in motion – like inside engines, in tunnel ovens or on moving belts.

Created in 2006, SENSeOR is headquartered in Sophia-Antipolis (France) with offices in Besançon (France) and Freiburg (Germany), and employs 20 people. Its expert engineer team provides field engineering services and customized developments in addition to standard sensor portfolio, to help its customers solve their measurement challenges.

Further information: or

    Le Navigator – Bâtiment B
    505 route des Lucioles
    France / Europe
    Tel.: +33 (0) 497 231 320
    Fax: +33 (0) 493 060 858
    Web :
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