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Wireless differential pressure transmitter AMS 4516 with a BLE signal

Wireless differential pressure transmitter AMS 4516 with a BLE signal

18 November 2020

AMSYS GmbH & Co. KG now presents an extremely compact differential pressure transmitter with Bluetooth transmission of measurement data. This sensor is suitable for differential pressure measurement and filter monitoring in situations where wired retrofitting would be difficult. The new pressure transmitter enables measurement data to be read out by a number of different devices – also in places that are difficult to access or where mobile data retrieval is required.

For all those who want to read out their pressure data quickly on a mobile device, the new wireless AMS 4516 series is the perfect choice. Unlike steel transmitters with a pipe fitting or complex measurement and evaluation systems, the AMSYS 4516 concentrates on the essentials: the transmission of high-precision pressure and temperature data within the tiniest of spaces. Pressure sensor AMS 4516 is extremely small and transmits data via a wireless Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 connection. It has a differential pressure range of 0–5 mbar to 0–1 bar and of ±5 mbar to ±1 bar in its bidirectional differential versions. An absolute pressure variant is also available in the form of the AMS 4506.

Ready-to-use and easy configuration

The sensors are calibrated, linearized and temperature compensated. The sensor accuracy depends on the pressure range and lies between 0.5 and 1.5% FSO across the entire temperature range. Power is supplied by an easy-to-replace CR2032 battery cell.

The sensor can link up to a smartphone or tablet for application-specific configuration. This enables a sensor measurement sampling and transmission rate of 100 ms to 500 s to be set using the app. The battery life depends on the configuration of the sensor and can be as long as three years for a standard cell with a capacity of approximately 230 mAh.

The sensors operate in what is known as advertising (broadcasting) mode, i.e. the sensor transmits information without interruption to the mobile device where this data is displayed numerically and graphically. Furthermore, the sensor has an EEPROM that allows data to be stored internally.

A Windows desktop app and (Bluetooth) gateway for network connection are also available, supporting flexible use of the sensor in an Industry 4.0 environment.

Small mobile sensor in robust housing

This sensor is the smallest of its kind yet extremely robust in its IP44 housing. Compared to the wired AMS 4711 sensor, the wireless, battery-operated AMS 4516 provides greater flexibility for use in mobile applications and areas that are hard to access and where long cables or hosing are a hindrance.


  • Wireless, high-precision differential pressure transmitter
  • Measurement data transmission via BLE 4.2 
  • EEPROM logger function
  • Suitable for applications in places that are difficult to access
  • Robust IP44 housing in matchbox format
  • Wireless differential pressure transmitter from 5 mbar 
  • Sensor read out and configured using an app, (Bluetooth) gateway or Windows application

AMSYS: key facts

  • AMSYS GmbH & Co. KG ( supplies an extensive range of humidity, temperature, inclination and pressure sensors. 
  • In addition to its standard portfolio, the company also provides a consultancy service, project support and customized pressure sensors. 
  • Wireless sensor solutions – networked Bluetooth sensors – are one of AMSYS’ new product lines.

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