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Two Range Torque Measurement -Torque measurement with 2 measuring ranges

02 May 2022

The requirement to measure different load ranges or measuring forces with one measuring element at highest accuracy is becoming more and more frequent.

Especially for friction power measurements, the highly accurate and reproducible recording of the small torques is of enormous importance. MANNER offers both the standard flange series and customised transducers with several measuring ranges - also for torque and force combination transducers. With the new remote sensor telemetry, two and more sensor data can be transmitted. This is also possible for increased sampling rates of up to 10 kHz.

The intelligent remote control sensor telemetry enables the transmission of the measurement signals with all important sensor information as well as the possibility to store further information. This also makes it possible to change the measuring ranges by calculation without recalibration. The usual features of E-modulus compensation and zero drift compensation ensure high, consistent accuracy over the entire specified operating temperature range (max. -40°C to +160°C).

Despite this new technology, the stator antenna remains compact in the usual design and guarantees transmission distances between rotor and pick-up of 10 mm

As a full service, MANNER offers not only the standard flange design but also customised designs, as well as the option of DAkkS and factory torque calibration from 50 N-m - 500 kN-m or axial force calibrations. Thanks to internally created resources, MANNER can realise short delivery times.

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