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Texense® AMPC, new charge amplifier for piezoelectric accelerometer

Texense® AMPC, new charge amplifier for piezoelectric accelerometer

21 March 2014

Texys International, French leader in high performance embedded testing sensors, is proud to release its new charge amplifier for piezoelectric accelerometers, texense® AMPC.

Piezoelectric accelerometers are the most widely used sensors in the fields of vibration and shock instrumentation. When it is required to perform such measurements in very high operating temperatures then the signal conditioning electronics shall be remote from the sensitive element.

texense® AMPC charge amplifier is used as external amplifier to buffer the signal from the piezoelectric element and allows to achieve much better performances rather than with a voltage amplifier.

The amplification range in mV/pC (millivolt per charge) could be chosen from 1 to 10 with -5 to + 5 V peak output voltage.

texense® AMPC brings incomparable performances in a very compact housing: accuracy of +/-1 % and +/- 0.3 % non-linearity.

With its small dimensions 40 x 14 x 8 mm, texense® AMPC amplifier is ideally designed to be easily integrated.

texense® AMPC amplifier is IP64 rated and shock proof up to 500G.

texense® AMPC is also fully compliant with IEEE 1451.4 standard integrating a TEDS memory chip (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet to be filled in by end user) for plug and play identification by the data logger or measurement system.

Initially designed for aeronautics embedded testing, the 6 to 30V supply voltage and operating temperature – 40 to +85°C allow the use of texense® AMPC amplifier for any embedded testing purpose.

Texys international has been developing for more than 15 years a range of sensors suitable for embedded Testing for Racing, Automotive and Aeronautics applications.

New texense® AMPC amplifier is a logical step of our expertise in miniaturized sensors dedicated to embedded testing in harsh environment and when space is limited.

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