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Sensonor Sponsor Unmanned Systems Week!

02 June 2014

Sensonor: Unmanned aerial vehicles or UAV's has now reached critical momentum, and we are seeing a major commercialization of many projects and applications. Size, performance and robustness are key success factors in the UAV segment. GPS denied and autonomous collision avoidance are also common topics of interest. To address some of these topics, we are sponsoring a through Webinar in navigation systems design.

When designing navigation systems, a reoccurring challenge is how to decide on sensor performance with respect to desired system performance. In a webinar hosted by Inside GNSS June 4th, this topic will be addressed.

The webinar is part of a 3 session series that cover the guidance challenges, the design, and actual examples of applications that are in use based on the discussed sensors and solutions.

You can sign up for the webinar at:

Additional information on the webinar:

About Sensonor AS
Sensonor is a global leader in MEMS technology, design and manufacture advanced gyro sensors, gyro modules and IMUs for high-precision applications. Sensonor has more than 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing reliable MEMS sensor solutions for demanding environments involving high vibration, high shock and harsh media.

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