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ROTOSAFE Rotary Level Indicator

ROTOSAFE Rotary Level Indicator

15 May 2006

4B introduces a new and improved Rotary Level Indicator. The ATEX approved RotoSafe incorporates two detection circuits. One circuit indicates when material has impeded the paddle, and the other circuit provides indication when the paddle stops turning, therefore making it a failsafe solution for high level or plug condition monitoring in bins, silos elevators or conveyors. Bonus features include user adjustable sensitivity, LED indication and a corrosion resistant housing.


Supply: 120/240 VAC /24 VDC


  • CE approved for Europe. ATEX versions available.
  • Class 2 Division 1 groups e, f, g for US & Canada.

Protection: IP65 – NEMA 4

Enclosure: Flame-retardant glass fiber reinforced nylon.

Output: Changeover Relay Contacts.

Weight: 2.25 lb

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