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Award-winning performance for process automation

Award-winning performance for process automation

03 April 2024

Baumer is constantly searching for better, intelligent sensor solutions in process automation that provide measurable added value to customers. At Baumer, innovations are the result of continuous investment in the comprehensive product portfolio for pressure, level, temperature, flow and media analysis. Market success proves Baumer right. In industrial practice, where the process sensors are used as high-precision and robust endurance runners, long-term partnerships are developed by satisfied users.

The innovative strength of Baumer not only makes a significant contribution to more sustainability in process automation, but has also received numerous awards and prizes. The most recent example is the PAD20 bubble sensor, which first won the Dairy Technology Award 2021 and recently received the International FoodTec Award 2024 in silver. By reliably detecting gas bubbles in liquids, this unique sensor is the smart solution to increase resource efficiency, overall system effectiveness and food safety. For customers, this means measurable added value that, together with Baumer's application expertise, creates a competitive market advantage.

More examples:

PLP70 level sensor: Winner of the AutomationsBest Award 2023 for its precise and fast level detection even in challenging media.

PAC50 Analysis Sensor: This ultra-compact sensor delivers highly accurate measurements with fast response times and excellent temperature stability. The sensor was selected by readers of Computer&Automation magazine as the 2023 Product of the Year (Gold) in the sensor category.

PL20 point level sensor: Awarded for reliable and intelligent point level detection through automatic parameterization, even in extremely adhesive media. In the sensor category, the PL20 was voted Product of the Year 2022 by Computer&Automation magazine. With award-winning sensor solutions from its broad product range, Baumer sets new standards for maximum efficiency in the food industry, industrial fluid processing, water and wastewater management, life science and pump protection.

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