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Pilz at "All about Automation" 2018 in Hamburg and Friedrichshafen - All about ... safe area monitoring and Industrie 4.0

08 December 2017

Pilz: At the regional "all about automation" trade fairs in Hamburg and Friedrichshafen, the automation supplier Pilz will present products and solutions for the factory of the future. The spotlight will be on the topic of "safe sensor technology" for area monitoring as well as enhanced flexibility and modularisation, completely in the spirit of Industrie 4.0. And making an appearance at the automation exhibitions as a product highlight: The world`s only dynamic pressure sensitive mat PSENmat.

Pilz’s exhibits in Hamburg and Friedrichshafen will on the one hand focus on the aspects of flexibility and dynamics in the digital factory: How can safety concepts for modular plant and machinery be ideally implemented? On the other hand, safe area monitoring for modular applications will also be a key theme.

World first for safe monitoring of areas
The dynamic pressure sensitive mat PSENmat will be a highlight in Hamburg and Friedrichshafen. A world first is the integrated position detection that provides the operator with a control function – similar to a virtual button. A separate switch is unnecessary. PSENmat thereby combines safe area monitoring with plant and machine operation in one sensor. The dynamic circuit concept enables a flexible configuration, which saves space and money. Completely new machine control concepts, including for human-robot collaboration (HRC), can thus be implemented with PSENmat.

Smart switch for Industrie 4.0
The emergency stop pushbutton PITestop active, which can be activated electrically, will also be presented at “all about automation”. It indicates by illumination whether or not it is active. PITestop thus ensures greater flexibility and modularisation, completely in the spirit of Industrie 4.0. Users also benefit from a reduction in energy costs: it is no longer necessary to keep power applied to the entire plant in order to maintain the E-STOP function.
PITestop active is beneficial for plant and machinery in which plant sections are moved: it can be used to safely activate or deactivate machine sections as required, in accordance with ISO 13850.

Talk Lounge with Pilz
Visitors can learn what safe human-robot collaboration can look like at the Pilz presentation “The path to safe human-robot collaboration” in the Talk Lounge at the exhibition. It takes place in Hamburg on Wednesday, 24 January 2018, 11:30 to 11:50. It is located directly in the exhibition hall in the upper level, Stand OG-124.

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