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New texense® 4xPDIF-CAN-S & 8xPDIF-CAN-S: compact multichannel differential pressure sensors for CAN bus

New texense® 4xPDIF-CAN-S & 8xPDIF-CAN-S: compact multichannel differential pressure sensors for CAN bus

07 March 2014

Texys International, French leader in high performance embedded testing sensors, is proud to announce the release of texense® 8xPDIF-CAN-S: the new and more compact version of its 8 channels pressure differential sensor for CAN bus.

Texense® 8xPDIF-CAN-S is the result of the ongoing development process on successful 8xPDIF pressure sensor and a close cooperation effort with the highest level motor racing professional organizations.

Keeping the same technical specifications (piezo-resistive cells as sensitive elements) and high performances (+/- 0.5 % accuracy, 200Hz sampling frequency), new texense® 8xPDIF-CAN-S is 25 mm shorter with an 89 x 23.5 x 14 mm housing, allowing an easiest installation.

Texense® 8xPDIF-CAN-S offers also the main advantage to be compatible with RC2 Scanivalve® standard rectangular connectors. The reference plate receiving the Scanivalve® connector could be provided either with 1 or 2 reference ports. Scanivalve® connector could be optionally supplied.

Texense® 8xPDIF-S-CAN delivers 8 calibrated pressure data on CAN bus (2 bytes per channel). The standard measuring range has to be chosen between +/- 50 up to +/-1000 mBar (+/- 0.7 to +/- 15 PSI). On the CAN side, several parameters are user configurable: Baud-rate, emission frequency, IDs, units (mBar or PSI).

A smaller version called 4xPDIF-CAN-S with only 4 channels is also available.

More than ever, new texense® 4xPDIF-S & 8xPDIF-S are embedded testing dedicated sensors having numerous purposes for aerodynamic measurements in motorsports, automotive, or aeronautics fields (either on vehicles or for wind tunnel tests).

The new texense® digital multichannel pressure differential sensors are a logical development step of our expertise in miniaturized sensors dedicated to embedded testing in harsh environment and when space is limited.

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