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New electronic temperature switch –  the next Generation 3000

New electronic temperature switch – the next Generation 3000

17 March 2015

Barksdale: Generation 3000 is the latest series of Temperature, Pressure, Level and Flow sensor family in the Barksdale port folio.

In addion to the well-known BPS3000 electronic pressure switch the BTS3000 is the latest electronic temperature switch design from Barksdale; it features a wide variety of functions that makes it ideal for multiple industrial applications e.g. hydraulics, cooling and lubrication.
Like the BPS3000 it is also cULus certified.

Temperature ranges on the unit vary from -30 ...+140 °C (-22° to +280°F). Standard process connections includes the G1/4”M, and 1/4” NPT M style.

The BTS3000 has a compact size (approximately 110 mm height and diameter of 41 mm) allowing tight in-cabinet installations while maintaining a high degree of functionality. The large 14-segment 4-digit beveled LED display is aesthetically pleasing enabling easy viewing from many directions. In cases where the unit must be mounted upside down, the internal software is capable of rotating the display 180° for easy viewing. The display housing and electrical connection are both rotatable 320°, making installation simple and more versatile - lowering installation costs. High levels of EMI protection allow for stable signal output in today’s factories where high powered equipment and walkie-talkies may be present.

Additionally, the IP65/IP67 environmental rated housing makes this unit suitable for the wettest of environments, and even brief submersion.

The BTS3000 also offers tranmitter functionality by supplying analog output signals of 4 to 20 mA and 0 to 10 VDC.

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