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"Nerve Cells" and "Nervous System"

25 October 2019
"Nerve Cells" and "Nervous System"

A smart city, just like the human body which perceives the outside world through nerve cell, transmits signals through peripheral nervous system and finally analyzes, stores, and makes decisions through the brain-central nervous system, is also an organic living body. The systems of security, transportation, water, energy, environmental protection, social management, public services, cultural education, and medical health are mutually compatible and coordinated.

Micro Sensor IOT compares the Smart City Operations Center to the human brain, pooling and processing various urban data that are perceived and transmitted by "neural cells" and "peripheral nervous systems." Comparing various intricate pipe networks into blood vessels, various types of water supply, gas supply and heating pipe networks transport nutrients every day to feed thousands of residents. All kinds of sewage and drainage networks will discharge waste water from the city, bringing clean and convenient life to residents. Urban pipe network monitoring is like "neural cells" and "neural systems" attached to blood vessels to sense, transmit, analyze information and "pain", which Micro Sensor called "urban nerves".

Micro Sensor IoT's Smart Pipe Network Conception

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Since the urban pipeline network construction period is long, operation time is long, and the coverage area is wide, there are often problems such as complicated network, uneven pressure, aging corrosion, and leakage etc. In order to solve the problems in the urban pipe network, Micro Sensor IOT put forward the concept of "urban nerve" and make the pipe network monitoring solution.

Through gridded and distributed deployment, the sensing and collection equipment is placed in the pipe network and terminal for the collection of pressure, flow, temperature, water quality, turbidity and other data in the pipe network.

The collected data is transmitted through multi-form communication methods including wireless IoT to big data platform to establish a suitable neural network algorithm model through data mining, deep learning and pattern recognition technology to obtain the operation state of the pipe network and do let the data "speak". In this way, it helps to make accurate decision, reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.

Along with the deepening of the projects and further understanding of the industry, the integrated analysis capability, its functionality and intelligence of the Micro Sensor IoT Smart Network Monitoring Platform will be further enhanced. The related wireless pressure sensors as well as remote monitoring terminals will be more functional and stable. By combining AI algorithms to evolve IoT into AIOT the platform will perform richer, smarter, and more precise functions and applications.

To be continued….

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