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Nanometer Precision for Travel Ranges of up to 52 mm

Nanometer Precision for Travel Ranges of up to 52 mm

16 July 2013
The New LPS-65 Linear Positioning Stage with Piezomotor

Physik Instrumente (PI): For the new LPS-65 positioning stage, PI miCos replaces conventional DC or stepper motors with a piezo stepping drive.

Using the piezo stepping drive principle, the linear positioning stage features a repeatability down to a few nanometers, high guiding accuracy and high holding force in a compact unit. Depending on the requirements, the LPS-65 is available with travel ranges of 13, 26 or 52 mm.

Compact with nanometer precision

The new positioning stage is 65 mm wide and only 20 mm high. Depending on the travel range, its length ranges from 80, 110 and 160 mm.

As displacement measuring system for position control, an optical linear encoder is used based on an integrated Fabry-Pérot interferometer. This measuring principle allows for an excellent resolution of 0.5 nm.

The high guiding accuracy is achieved using crossed roller bearings with guidance control. The positioning stage's holding force is 10 N, its maximum velocity amounts to 10 mm/s.

The piezo stepping drive system is self-locking; if the target position is reached or the system is switched off, the positioning unit maintains the position without current and without heat generation.

Perfect Match: Networkable Controller and Software

The compact E-861 controller allows for simple and precise operation of the linear positioning stage. It supports the different types of motion of the piezo stepping drive and is tuned to the requirements of the mechanical system. As a result of the controller's networking capability, up to 16 controllers can be driven simultaneously via one computer interface.

All parameters can be set and checked via software. For start-up and system configuration, the program PIMikroMove is included in the scope of delivery. Connection to custom software is possible via LabView drivers and DLLs.

PI miCos in Brief
The miCos GmbH was founded in Eschbach near Freiburg, Germany, in 1990. As PI miCos, it now belongs to PI Group (Physik Instrumente), located in Karlsruhe, Germany. With currently more than 50 employees, the company develops, produces and markets innovative motion systems and components for high-precision positioning applications throughout the world. A main focus is on optical measurement technology in research and industry. For this purpose, PI miCos offers customized system solutions with multiple axes in addition to a comprehensive standard program. Wide-ranging application know-how guarantees the implementation of technically demanding solutions. Flexible positioning systems for ultrahigh vacuum applications are a good example of this, as are parallel-kinematic Hexapods with six degrees of freedom and systems with air bearing axes for highest running accuracy.

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