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microSPOT® - precision LEDs for sensor applications

15 February 2010

Balluff STM GmbH: LEDs are the most important radiant sources in optical sensors. They are offered in an almost unmanageable variety. The average optical output rating meanwhile is several times the values that were still common a few years ago and it is continuing to improve at a rapid pace. The technical characteristics which are decisive for applications in measurement technology, such as intensity distribution, beam angle, axis deviations or even just the manufacturing tolerance, aren't keeping up.

precision LEDs for sensor applications optical sensors

Specifically for precision applications in sensor systems, STM Sensor Technologie München GmbH provides optoelectronic components under the brand name of microSPOT® whose characteristics far exceed those of conventional components.

An extraordinary design and a patented manufacturing process allow beam angles better than 1° with very small dimensions (typically 2mm or 3mm) and a very consistent intensity distribution in a circular, sharply defined light cone. In addition, there is reduced stray light, low axis deviation (squint angle < 2°) and a particularly low manufacturing tolerance.

The SMD-capable miniature components are coordinated optical systems which can directly be used for precision applications in measurement technology or sensor systems, without using additional lenses or apertures.

Together with STM's flexibility in being able to process a wide range of commercially available semiconductor chips (e.g., in different wavelengths) and implement individual adaptations on the entire components virtually without the expenditure usually associated with one-off costs, the microSPOT® precision LEDs are the ideal solution for many demanding sensor applications.

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