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Measurement of Carbon Dioxide Level in Ventilation Channels

01 March 2006

CO2 Transmitter Series EE85 for HVAC from E+E Elektronik

EE85 has been designed for accurate measurement of CO2 levels in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications and it does perfectly match and complete the E+E product range.

EE85 is available for measuring ranges 0 … 2000ppm and 0 … 5000ppm. Its compact design allows easiest installation in ventilation channels.

CO2 detection is based on the accurate, non-dispersive infrared technology (NDIR). Aging effects are compensated by a patented auto-calibration procedure, which is the basis for the outstanding long-term stability of the EE85 series.

Due to a small differential pressure created by a special construction of the sampling head a small stream of air from the duct is led to the CO2 sensing cell and back into the duct. The air diffuses into the CO2 sensing cell through a diaphragm. The closed loop air stream and the diaphragm protect the CO2 sensing cell from pollution and by this avoid pollution related errors.

A high CO2 level in the air has a strong negative impact on humans performance and health. Because of this, CO2 level is one of the most important parameters to assign air quality. In order to assure acceptable air quality in living spaces, beside temperature and relative humidity, it is extremely important to measure and control CO2 level. Demand controlled ventilation based on CO2 minimizes fresh air to re-circulated air ratio which has a relevant impact on energy saving.

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