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LOGG-TEL - Digital Telemetry with integrated Data Logger changes dynamic Measurement Applications at the Con-rod

12 January 2008

Manner Sensortelemetrie has developed a multi-channel telemetry amplifier with integrated data logger especially for dynamic torque measurement applications. The feature is that both energy and acquired data are transmitted inductively between telemetry amplifier and stator only at one angular position (Spot mode). Therefor the necessity of surrounding the shaft with a rotor induction loop is omitted. This kind of transmission is advantageous for dynamic measurement applications at the piston, the con-rod or the crankshaft. The system is capable for acceleration up to 20,000 g and a temperature range up to 150°C.

While the short time of connection of stator and rotor antenna at one angular position the energy collector at the rotating part is loaded rapidly. It serves the sensor signal amplifier during the whole revolution of the crankshaft. Meanwhile the acquired data are stored into the integrated digital data logger. The memory is capable to collect data simultaneously from 4 channels with 12 Bit resolution at a sample rate of 40 kHz (= 10 kHz signal bandwidth per channel) for 1.6 seconds. After filling the memory the data are transferred in blocks to the stationary part. The cycle restarts when the memory is empty. The measuring mode is controlled from the stationary part.

According to the easy-mounting of the sensor signal amplifier the usually complex modification of the engine is omitted. This saves time and money.

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