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LMU 212 Load monitoring unit compatible to CE regulation

LMU 212 Load monitoring unit compatible to CE regulation

12 September 2009

Magtrol SA: The LMU 212 Load Monitoring Unit completes Magtrol's range of "Load-Force-Weight" products, by providing an amplifier for strain gauge bridges intended for load measurement.

The LMU 212 incorporates a strain gauge bridge input as well as a voltage input, allowing a summation of the two signals when needed. It can be supplied at 115 V AC/ 230 V AC or at 20, 32 V DC at the customer's choice. With regard to the output signals available, the LMU 212 provides 2 relay outputs, 1 current output and 1 voltage output. The unit allows 2 alarms setting outputs particularly usefull for load / overload survey on cranes and other lifting devices

A built-in self-test system detects any short circuits or signal line failures, thus allowing its use in security systems.

The integrated test function (B.I.T.E.) enables the user to simulate a fictitious load. At each call of the B.I.T.E. function the user will be able to check on the various outputs (voltage UO/P and current IO/P) as well as on the relays REL1 and REL2 that the load monitoring unit reacts to this fictitious load as if it would be a real load.

The LMU 212 is readily connected via "DIP switches" or jumpers and does not require any soldering, which is a great advantage for setting up on site.

From the handling point of view, the LMU 212 comes in an aluminium case provided with 3 PG11 inputs. The case is water-tight in accordance with IP65 standards allowing its use in harsh environment. The electrical connections are made by means of very accessible screw-on terminals.

The LMU 212 is fully analogue and is manufactured according to the most recent SMD technology, thus offering the optimal cost-performances ratio.

This new load monitor comes in response to the new EC regulations regarding electro-magnetic compatibility. (EN 61326-1-2-3)

This new electronic LMU212 completes Magtrol's "Load-Force-Weight" product range of load pins, load cells, electronics and displays.

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