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Innovative sensor telemetry - Solutions by MANNER

Innovative sensor telemetry - Solutions by MANNER

30 April 2021

MANNER Sensortelemetrie: Innovations and further developments of our product portfolio were the focus of the last year. As a supplier and inventor of sensor telemetry for non-contact measurement and data transmission from rotating systems, we see the increasing international competitive pressure. Furthermore, we are aware of the increasing pressure to which development departments are confronted - often in the form of ever more stringent requirements.

For these reasons, the aim of our new developments was to make our telemetry even more intelligent and powerful - freely configurable according to your requirements, highly accurate and yet miniaturised. This ensures that sufficient space is available in the increasingly compact assemblies. This objective, coupled with more than 30 years of experience as THE problem solver for measurement technology, has enabled us to improve ourselves yet again.

Another innovation on the topic of 4.0 is the patented torque measurement TelMA Torque. Fresh from our development workshop and already tested in industry, the weld-on torque sensor offers a cost-effective application. TelMA Torque creates the basis for determining load spectra, predictive maintenance and the discovery of savings potential in gearboxes, pumps, shipbuilding and many other industries.

NEWS Telemetry

MAsterMind – the New All-In-One Solution Telemetry - online configurable, high data rates, quick to install, modular, miniaturised and suitable for all extreme areas

FLEXIBILITY IN HIGHEST QUALITY - The new sensor signal amplifier generation MAsterMind offers highest flexibility for its users. The 4-channel module with dimensions (23mmx 33.5mm) can be flexibly and modularly expanded to up to 128 channels and, depending on customer requirements, is also available in standard multi-channel or customised modular housings. This advantage comes into play especially today with the compactness of the units, which has been significantly increased by CAD-based mechanical design possibilities. In the meantime, it is more than a challenge and thus the supreme discipline to install measurement technology for testing/qualification.

The integrated Sensor Conditioning Module allows the user to condition any sensor:

  • Strain gauges (quarter, half and full bridges) 
  • thermocouples
  • RTD (e.g. PT 100/1000)
  • or voltage-emitting sensors

In addition to the sensor conditioning, the bandwidth and sample rate can also be freely set online by the customer. Bandwidths from 0.1 Hz to 50 kHz can be implemented online. In order to utilise the full potential, MANNER has implemented, in addition to the proven transmission methods, a new type of extremely interference-resistant modulation method for the simple transmission of measurement data with up to 13.56 Mbit over a rotor-stator distance of 40 mm. If required, up to 20.34 Mbit data transmission is possible.

DRIFT AND TEMPERATURE INDUCED ERRORS CAN BE REDUCED TO NEAR ZERO - Unfortunately, the measurement of mechanical components is subject to errors. On the one hand, there are the changes in material properties above ambient temperature, and on the other, residual stresses introduced by the production-related forming process, which change over the temperature and manifest themselves in a zero-point drift and interfere with the measurement. MANNER has developed a technology to correct these errors. No compromises are made with regard to the amplifier technology. Here MANNER is state-of-the-art and offers the most modern remote control functions.

In addition to the remote control function (auto zero, gain adjustment, memory and other online health functions), there is also the possibility to perform a real-time zero correction of the measured value "online". This possibility also exists for the "online" correction of the measured value to compensate for the temperature dependence of the E-module. All this is done in real time and during the measurement.

These functions can significantly increase the measuring accuracy. Measurement errors due to material properties and environmental influences such as zero drift and temperature dependence of the E-modulus (approx. 2.5% /100°C) can thus be reduced to almost zero.

New software with configuration and analysis options as well as data logging

NEW EASY TO LOOK & FEEL functions - The newly developed telemetry software offers the user many functions for easy setting and measurement. A configuration file allows direct entry with your supplied measuring system without having to configure anything yourself - Plug & Play.

In addition to the remote configuration options for telemetry, such as auto-zero, amplification, sensor conditioning, sampling rate, etc., the software also offers the user measured value correction for temperature.

The "Scope" allows data analysis and viewing of the data without further aids. Typical scope functions such as triggers, cursors and measurements on the signal are integrated.

Optionally, a data recording function with all data reduction options, export files and other conveniences can be purchased.

NEWS Industry 4.0 – Condition Monitoring

Last but not least, MANNER has developed a patented low-cost torque measurement for gearboxes and pumps for its customers as a contribution to Industry 4.0 in 2020. MANNER is thus staying true to its MOTTO and introducing innovations in the field of sensor telemetry.

TelMA Torque offers a revolutionary and cost-effective solution for torque detection in series gearboxes or drivelines in the framework for Industry 4.0

The proven properties of strain gauge technology and near-field telemetry are combined with a cost-effective application technology - WITHOUT gluing or soldering - to create a torsion sensor in postage stamp format. Due to the postage stamp format, the solution is suitable for new constructions as well as for integration into existing constructions (retro-fit).

The system works in an advantageous way without contact and is completely maintenance-free. The miniaturised TelMA Torque Sensor (34.65 mm x 18.1 mm x 6.25 mm) can be used immediately after installation with long-term stability. The TelMA system offers the user the 3 measured variables torque, speed and temperature and thus provides the possibility of recording the complete spectrum for load collectives. The use of the system is particularly simple and no previous electronic knowledge is necessary.

The TelMA sensor is welded on and the application is completed in 2.5 minutes!

See for yourself and watch this application video!

In the case of drive shafts subjected to bending moments, any bending moment influences in the signal can be compensated for by mounting two elements.

The signals are detected via a standing induction loop. The induction loop is available as an insulated endless cable material or in the form of an enamelled copper wire, which is embedded in a carrier. The carrier can be manufactured using 3D printing or conventionally

The system is now ready for use. The data output is now done via CAN, voltage or current output. For adjustment, the measuring range is set using the remote control software. The remote control software also offers test functions (calibration shunt; supply voltage) and helpful memory functions for storing relevant background information. Optionally, a data logging function can be acquired via software.

Our innovative torque portfolio

High-precision torque measurement technology - High-Speed series

MANNER has developed special torque flanges for the validation of the new electric drives. Characteristic is the design in titanium with compact design and low moment of inertia, which achieves high accuracy. The basis is the know-how that MANNER has acquired since 2010 as a reliable partner for the aviation industry with high-speed torque transducers.

In general, MANNER's design is suitable for speeds up to 40,000 min-1, optionally above.

MANNER is open to customised flange geometries with individual connections. This can be decisive for the shaft dynamics. Solutions in the step-up gearbox can also be implemented due to the high temperature resistance.

The increased accuracy of the transducers over the entire temperature application range is achieved via the newly developed electronic compensation.

High-precision torque measurement technology - XtreMA and XtreMAX series

HIGHLY ACCURATE MEASURING FLANGES - For standard applications MANNER offers the measuring flange series XtreMA and XtreMAX.

On request, these can also be calibrated at MANNER DAkkS.

In addition to an attractive price and short delivery times, the series also offer the typical MANNER advantages of inductive and flexible peripherals. Evaluation units with remote pick-up and a wide range of output signals (e.g. EtherCAT, Ethernet, analogue outputs) are freely selectable.

The flange connection and size are compatible with HBM makes. In addition to the other available interfaces, we offer the compact XtreMA evaluation unit with frequency output 60 kHz ± 30 kHz and additional voltage output 0-+/-10V at a reasonable price.

Additional options such as increased speed stability, speed detection, an even more powerful signal processor for compensations, as well as an increased accuracy of 0.02 % are optionally available.

No zero drift and lowest characteristic value deviation for torque transducers over extended ambient temperature range -45 ...+160°C

For highest accuracy, even under massive temperature influence, we have developed a new compensation module based on a signal processor. The developed module enables the most extensive compensation of the temperature influence on the zero point and characteristic value such as e.g. E-modulus change over the temperature and the shift of the zero point. Due to the novel, non-linear compensation, the accuracy of the measuring flange is maintained over the entire temperature range.

MANNER has responded to the wishes of its customers with another development. In the course of extensive measurement series, many MANNER components are often used in parallel. Due to personnel changes at the test stand or other adversities, ensuring the matching of calibration data and sensor signals was often only possible with effort.

MANNER has therefore created the option of storing calibration data directly on the rotor. This option ensures that all components of the system are matched to each other. Time-consuming allocation is no longer necessary.

Our technology:

Our transducers work inductively with our patented transmission method. High data rates are transmitted safely and inductively - even strong interference fields, e.g. in e-motors, have no influence on our system. In addition to this robustness, temperatures from -45 to +160°C and environmental parameters such as oil are no challenge at all.

Development, transducer design, manufacturing and calibration are all done from a single source. The DakkS certified calibration laboratory ensures the quality of the calibration process.

MANNER thus offers torque measuring shafts for the highest requirements.

Innovative sensor telemetry - Solutions by MANNER

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