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Inertial Labs Awarded GSA Schedule Contract, Expanding Access to GNSS Denied Navigation and Remote Sensing Solutions

Inertial Labs Awarded GSA Schedule Contract, Expanding Access to GNSS Denied Navigation and Remote Sensing Solutions

13 July 2023

Paeonian Springs, VA- Inertial Labs, a leading provider of high-performance navigation, motion compensation, and remote sensing solutions, is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded a General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract. This achievement marks a significant milestone in the company's ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology to government agencies, further solidifying its position as a trusted provider of innovative solutions.

The GSA Schedule contract offers a streamlined procurement process, enabling federal, state, and local government agencies to access Inertial Labs' comprehensive range of products and services. With this contract, government entities can easily obtain industry-leading solutions for navigation, positioning, and motion-sensing systems. Inertial Labs' offerings encompass various applications, including unmanned systems, defense, aerospace, transportation, and more.

"We are extremely proud to have been awarded a GSA Schedule contract," said Jamie Marraccini, CEO of Inertial Labs. "This significant achievement opens up new avenues for collaboration with government agencies, allowing us to provide our cutting-edge navigation and remote sensing solutions to a broader audience. We look forward to supporting the critical missions of our government partners and providing them with the advanced technology they require."

By obtaining a GSA Schedule contract, Inertial Labs streamlines the procurement process for government agencies by pre-negotiating pricing, terms, and conditions. This expedites the acquisition process and ensures that agencies can leverage Inertial Labs' expertise and top-quality solutions while benefiting from competitive pricing and favorable contractual terms.

Inertial Labs' comprehensive suite of products includes inertial navigation systems, motion reference units, orientation sensors, and lidar-based remote sensing payloads. With a strong focus on innovation, the company continuously develops cutting-edge technologies and leverages its vast engineering expertise to address the evolving needs of government agencies across multiple sectors.

Inertial Labs' solutions have gained widespread recognition for their accuracy, reliability, and robust performance in the most challenging environments. The company's products deliver precise positioning, navigation, and mapping capabilities by leveraging advanced algorithms, sensor fusion techniques, and state-of-the-art components, enabling government agencies to enhance their operational efficiency and effectiveness.

With the GSA Schedule contract, Inertial Labs is poised to extend its reach and impact within the government sector. The company remains dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support, offering tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of each agency. By working closely with government partners, Inertial Labs aims to foster strong relationships and contribute to the success of critical missions across a wide range of applications.

For information about Inertial Labs' products and services or the GSA Schedule contract, please visit or contact the company directly at 703-880-4222 or

About Inertial Labs:

Inertial Labs is a leading provider of innovative navigation and motion-sensing solutions. With a strong emphasis on research and development, the company delivers advanced technologies that enable precise positioning and navigation in demanding environments. Inertial Labs serve various industries, including unmanned systems, defense, aerospace, transportation, etc. Committed to excellence, the company's mission is to provide industry-leading solutions that empower customers to achieve their goals.

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