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High precision, ultra precision and then there is  XtreMA 2.0 Torque Measurement   –  MANNER did it again!

High precision, ultra precision and then there is XtreMA 2.0 Torque Measurement – MANNER did it again!

04 March 2022

When you think you can't get any more precise, MANNER brings you the XtreMA 2.0. Even more accurate, extremely overload resistant (factor 4), easy to handle and the flange pattern and installation dimensions are compatible with competitor flanges. We were highly accurate, now we are most accurate!

What does the XtreMA 2.0 offer?

  • Advanced design 
  • Even better accuracy 
  • Overload resistant up to 4 times the load
  • Attractively priced 
  • Antenna concepts and evaluation units in various configurations and conditions on site
  • Plug & Play

Why the further development was a matter of course for us?

The demand for ever higher accuracy and reproducibility of measurement is becoming more and more frequent. The optimisation of machines, drive trains, gears, etc. is being pushed further and further. The potential is less than it was a few years ago. Nevertheless, people want to exploit the last ounce of potential through optimisation, comparable to a diamond cut.

In line with this development and requirement, we have made it our task to optimise the already accurate XtreMA and thus enable even more precise measurement results.

The result was the XtreMA 2.0

The special design makes a breakthrough in accuracy. We do not enter into a trade-off. Strength values and the influence of parasitic forces do not impress the measurement signal. Now, due to the outstanding accuracy, it is possible to perform extremely precise measurements even in a partial load range.

You have a measuring task where the previous measuring flanges have failed? We have heard this many times. Our XtreMA flanges have proven that extremely harsh conditions neither intimidate nor bring them to their knees.

This new transducer is extremely tough - ready for any challenge!

Due to the overload design of 400%, the torque sensor offers both the measurement of continuous loads and the short-term detection of load peaks in dynamic operation. The special short design with the low rotor weight and the extremely low mass moment of inertia allow nominal speeds of up to 30,000 min-1 to be achieved without any problems.

Optionally, the flanges can be operated in the temperature range of -40°C... 160°C. Another special feature is the electronic compensation of the zero point error Tk0 and the gradient error Tkc. This makes it possible to achieve constant high accuracy regardless of the ambient temperature. This is because which test stand is operated under constant operating conditions? The DIN flange pattern used, which is compatible with HBM torque sensors, allows easy integration into new test stands, but also into those already built with existing infrastructure - a retrofit.

The field-proven flange pattern of all measuring ranges is retained. The XtreMA torque series includes the ranges of 50 N·m, 100 N·m, 200 N·m, 500 N·m, 1 kN·m, 2 kN·m, 3 kN·m, 5 kN·m and 10 kN·m.

Flexible and proven!

Despite this new technology on the rotating side, it remains with the proven different and also flexible stator configurations. The systems are fully compatible with the XtreMA generation already on the market. The stator antenna or stator unit is compact and in the familiar design it allows an air gap of 3 mm up to 10 mm in the standard version. There is no ugly enclosure of the rotor.

This has proven to be extremely advantageous in practice, as assembly errors or vibrations do not lead to collisions or even failures. Moreover, even imprecise assemblies pose no challenge at all to the transmission quality.

Go Dual, go digital!

A stator unit in tube design allows, in addition to the classic analogue signals with 0... ±10V / 4..20mA or the frequency output, also an output of digital signals via EtherCAT, CAN, Ethernet or USB.

No installation space left? No space, GO compact!

MANNER also offers a compact evaluation unit with and without speed detection. The alignment of the speed sensor is an effortlessly simple plug & play solution by means of an LED signal.

Too hot, too cold? Go Xtreme!

The temperature resistance with remote pick-up (stator antenna) allows operation under the harshest environmental conditions from -40°C up to 160°C.

Swimming in oil? Go oil-proof!

The "hollow shaft" option allows complex test stand concepts. The oil supply in the centre or actuator is no problem. On request, the XtreMA torque sensor is available with or without speed detection.

Don’t let them fool you!

MANNER – Technology guarantees class accuracy from -40°C to 160°C

High-precision measuring equipment is required for test bench operation for testing combustion engines, hybrid and also electric motors. As is well known, the class accuracy is only defined for an ambient temperature range of 22°C +/-10°C. Outside this temperature range, the error is significantly greater.

The new optional compensation technology for Tk0 and Tkc guarantees the specified class accuracy over the entire specific operating temperature range (-40...160°C). This means that there is no deterioration outside the temperature range of +/-10 °C defined by the class accuracy.

The Higher Freestyle!

Friction power measurement in particular places high demands on the measuring equipment. To meet these demands, the XtreMA 2.0 has an accuracy class of 0.01%.

This means that the XtreMA 2.0 is not only in no way inferior to the HBM T12, but surpasses it.

XtreMA 2.0 – Torque Measurement

Your new standard for extreme challenges

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