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High-precision sensor signal conditioning IC for magnetoresistive position sensors

03 July 2015

ZMD AG (ZMDI), an award-winning global semiconductor company headquartered in Dresden, Germany, and specializing in enabling energy-efficient solutions, today announces the ZSSC5101, an automotive-qualified sensor signal conditioning IC for contactless position sensors based on magnetoresistive technology. The ZSSC5101 can directly interface with magnetoresistive sensor bridges such as AMR (anisotropic magnetoresistive), GMR (giant magnetoresistive) and TMR (tunnel magnetoresistive) sensors, enabling up to 360° angle sensors or high-resolution linear motion sensors. In addition, the chip automatically compensates for temperature drifts of the sensor, allowing superior accuracy over its full temperature range of -40°C to +150°C.

With a high-resolution ratiometric analog output featuring a resolution down to 0.02° per step, the ZSSC5101 is ideally suited as a contactless, wear-free replacement of potentiometers in harsh environments.

ZMDI offers superior solutions for sensing, power management, battery management, automotive ASICs and industrial ASSPs. An analog mixed-signal company, ZMDI designs solutions for automotive, industrial, medical, information technology and consumer applications.

“With over 50 years of industry leadership, ZMDI has a long history with designing custom solutions for position sensing and has already sold nearly 200 million products for a wide range of magnetoresistive position sensing applications. With the ZSSC5101, we are proud to introduce the first standard product in ZMDI’s high-precision, magnetic position sensor signal conditioner family,” said Josef Janisch, Global Product Manager for ZMDI’s Position Sensor ICs. “We can enable the most precise integrated magnetic position sensors available today; for example, using the latest AMR sensing technology. With an angular accuracy of 0.1° (typical) or better, these sensors are up to 10 times more accurate than comparable integrated solutions. Furthermore, our unique implementation of automatic drift compensation provides high accuracy over the full automotive temperature range.”

Key Features and Benefits

  • High accuracy enables best-in-class rotation and linear motion sensing
  • Only three wires required for operation and programming
  • Integrated diagnostic features allow usage in safety-critical applications
  • Internal EEPROM allows multiple-time programming
  • Full user programmability of angle range, zero position clamping levels, etc.
  • High-resolution, precision analog output provides an easy-to-read interface for a variety of applications, such as pedals, valves, robot arms and more


The ZSSC5101 is in full production. It is available in the SSOP-14 package and as sawn bare die and tested unsawn wafers. Parts and evaluation kits are available from ZMDI and its distribution partners.

About ZMDI

Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden AG (ZMDI) is a global supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors solutions for automotive, industrial, medical, mobile sensing, information technology and consumer applications. These solutions enable our customers to create the most energy-efficient products in sensing, power management and lighting.

For over 50 years, ZMDI has been globally headquartered in Dresden, Germany. ZMDI serves its customers with sales offices and design centers throughout Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, China, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the United States.

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