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High performance angular rate sensor CRS09 from Silicon Sensing

High performance angular rate sensor CRS09 from Silicon Sensing

22 April 2011

For highest temperature, shock and vibration requirements

PEWATRON: This compact low noise, angular rate sensor offers outstanding stability over temperature and time. Additional outputs enable the gyro’s temperature and resonant frequency to be used for accurate temperature compensation.

PEWATRON is introducing the high performance angular rate sensor CRS09, which was developed by Silicon Sensing Systems Ltd using tried-and-tested silicon MEMS vibrating gyro technology.

Where fibrotic gyroscopes (FOG) were previously employed, the more affordable MEMS technology is now used. The CRS09 is used where temperature, shock and vibration immunity is subject to the highest requirements:

  • High precision platform stabilisation for cameras and antennas
  • High performance flight instrumentation (AHRS: Attitude Heading Reference System)
  • Locating north and navigation
  • Track measuring vehicles and tilting trains
  • Measurement and test engineering facilities.

The CRS09 comes in a number of variants with rate measurement capabilities of ±100°/s or ±200°/s. Depending on the particular model the bias variation over the temperature range (-40 to +85°C) is <1°/s or <3°/s.

Thanks to MEMS technology the CRS09 is very compact and can be installed easily.

All models of the new angular rate sensor series are available from stock and can be ordered directly on-line from


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