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HBM Offers Custom Sensor Technology to OEMs for a Wide Variety of Strain Gage Measurements

05 June 2017

HBM offers a wide range of pressure, force, torque and load measurements to OEMs that need to incorporate strain gage-based sensors into their end products.

HBM has a long history of OEM-based custom sensor design for applications in medical, agricultural, industrial vehicle, robotics and energy markets.

For many specialized or demanding applications when off-the-shelf sensors are not an option, HBM designs and manufactures sensor and sub-assemblies that are compatible with today’s smart products, while requiring minimal design change to the OEM’s existing system.

HBM’s four main offerings include:

  • Strain gages for custom transducers
  • OEM gaging services to gage customer supplied parts
  • Building block sensors, for parts such as pump blades
  • Assemblies that includes load introduction parts

With 1,800 employees worldwide and more than 65 years of experience, HBM is a leader in designing and manufacturing strain gage and sensor manufacturing technology. HBM provides the entire spectrum of a custom designed solution, from initial scope and performance definition through the design and build cycle, including verification and validation. Included in the process is any modification to any existing structural member to make a sensor to measure quantities such as force or torque. HBM applies brings the in-house design capabilities of its electronics group to modify existing amplifiers, or design new ones, to meet a customer's exact output needs.

"We work carefully with our customers from the initial meeting to not only understand their project requirements and specifications, but to present a solution that calls for the absolute minimum of design changes to their original system," explained Randy Hopkins, Director of OEM Sensors, HBM.  "Our role is to leverage our superior sensing technology in a way that enhances the performance of their end products, rather than require them to re-work their designs to accommodate our sensors."

HBM offers a range of sensor technologies specific to a variety of its market segments:


  • Blade Sensor
  • Beam and Force Sensor
  • Hermetic Strain Gage Based Sensor for Autoclave and KOH
  • Synthesis Machinery / Plunger Sensor
  • S-Type Beam Sensor
  • Flat Beam Sensor
  • Torque and Power Meter Sensor


  • Planting Downforce Load Sensor
  • Grain Flow Yield Monitor
  • Seed and Fertilizer Tank Weight
  • Baler Sensor
  • Tractor Draft Pin
  • Vehicle Torque Sensor 

Industrial Vehicle

  • Mobile Elevated Work Platform Load Cell
  • Telescopic Handler Sensor
  • Mobile Crane Load Pin
  • On Board Weighing Load Cell
  • Vehicle Torque Sensor


  • Torque Sensor
  • Washer and Button Load Cell
  • Joystick Sensor
  • Multi-axis Sensor
  • Bicycle Sensor


  • Load Pin
  • Threaded Rod End Sensor
  • Pancake Load Cell
  • Hammer Union
  • Washer Force Sensor
  • Torque Sensor

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