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Hall 1 fully booked - special topic “Sensor and Measuring Technology for Condition Monitoring” to be well attended

Hall 1 fully booked - special topic “Sensor and Measuring Technology for Condition Monitoring” to be well attended

19 February 2020

Just four months before the doors to the SENSOR+TEST 2020 open, Hall 1 is already fully booked. This shows that the most important trade fair for sensor and measuring technology has not lost its attraction – despite of a rather weak economic year. That is also reflected by this year’s special topic “Sensor and Measuring Technology for Condition Monitoring.” The SENSOR+TEST addresses the latest developments of intrinsically safe sensors as well as highly developed measuring systems which adapt autonomously to their monitoring tasks thanks to artificial intelligence.

A good four months before the start of the SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg (23–25 June 2020), the preparations are in full swing. The numerous special events and parallel conferences, such as SMSI 2020 - Sensor and Measurement Science International Conference and ettc2020 - European Test and Telemetry Conference, signpost their significance.

“We were eager to learn how the hall planning with the new constellation – with hall 1, hall 2, and the new hall 3C – worked out. And we call tell you today that hall 1 is completely booked out. Halls 2 and 3C are filling up too. We expect a very attractive setting for visitors and exhibitors in which the innovation dialog among experts will play a major role,” says organizer Holger Bödeker from AMA Service GmbH.

Special Forum Sensor and Measuring Technology for Condition Monitoring

Machine and plant downtimes are something no enterprise can afford. Therefore it is crucial to reduce them to a bare minimum. One effective way to do so is through continuous condition monitoring. This task involves shutting down industrial plants at a predetermined point in time and then to start them up again without any glitches to save time and costs. Condition monitoring or predictive maintenance thus play an essential role for all maintenance strategies. With the special topic “Sensor and Measuring Technology for Condition Monitoring” the SENSOR+TEST 2020 emphasizes the significance of predictive condition monitoring as well as sensors and measurement as key technologies for digital technical processes in diverse industrial branches and areas of application.

The special topic offers a prominent platform for presentations, discussions and for the innovation dialog among suppliers and users in this important area of technology.

  • At the special forum, visitors can obtain a specific and concentrated overview of new products and solutions.
  • The lecture forum on 23 June 2020 will also be held under the motto “Sensor and Measuring Technology for Condition Monitoring.”

“The special forum,” says Holger Bödeker, “is almost booked out. Enterprises wishing to exhibit in this focused setting should make haste.”

Information on participation in the special forum or other opportunities offered at the trade fair can be found on the SENSOR+TEST website at

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