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Finding the right calibration service in test equipment management

Finding the right calibration service in test equipment management

27 April 2023

Test equipment management helps ensure the quality and usability of test equipment in the company. But which calibration is suitable for the various devices under test? SPEKTRA has developed the right tool for you!

Test equipment management is part of quality management. As the person in charge, you must ensure and maintain the quality, reliability and usability of the sensors, devices and test equipment used in your company. National and international standards specify, among other things, processes to ensure the suitability and functionality of test equipment.

How does the SPEKTRA Service Finder help with this workflow?

With our online tool, we enable test equipment managers to easily and quickly find the appropriate calibration services for their measuring and testing equipment. There are several approaches to using the Service Finder:

Manufacturer and type: Do you know the manufacturer and type of the sensor or test equipment you wish to have calibrated? Then you can enter this information in the search field. The system will then automatically suggest the appropriate calibration services for that specific device.

Type of DUT: Do you know the type of device under test? Type this information into the search field. The system will then suggest the appropriate calibration services for that DUT type.

Measurand: Sometimes you may only have information about the measurand of your equipment. In this case, the system can use this information to automatically suggest appropriate calibration services.

Try the Service Finder now!

Sit back, relax and let us do the job!

Without further research and details, you can quickly and easily send an inquiry or request a quote. In the Service Finder, you enter what you know about your test and measurement equipment. The system takes care of the rest:

Take advantage of the Service Finder for your test equipment management!

Here are just a few of your benefits:

  1. Quality assurance and improvement: Through effective management of your test equipment, you can ensure that all devices are properly calibrated. In doing so, you make sure that your products and processes not only meet requirements but also improve their quality.
  2. Saving time and money: By using our Service Finder as a help tool, you save time searching for appropriate tests and calibration services, and money ensuring that only the necessary tests are performed, thereby avoiding unnecessary repetitions or faulty calibration.
  3. Compliance with standards: Companies are often required to comply with certain standards and regulations. Effective test equipment management helps ensure that tests and calibrations meet regulatory requirements, and that fines or legal issues due to non-compliance are avoided.
  4. Simplified conformity assessment: The Service Finder can also help you to simplify conformity assessment by ensuring that the selected calibration services meet the required standards and regulations.

Read our white paper on declarations of conformity for more information.

Put our Service Finder to the test, now!

Do you have any question about our Service Finder or our calibration services in general? Contact our experts.

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