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Endurance testing in IT environments

Endurance testing in IT environments

26 July 2019

Delphin Technology AG: Businesses have become sensitive to external threats and attacks. Security is now not only positioned at the gate, but also within the IT infrastructure.

The continuous growth of networking means data acquisition systems have become integrated into networks. Measurement technology and IT are merging and so security becomes an issue. Overlaps between the different professional disciplines is increasing and rigid structures of responsibility can quickly lead to deadlocks and delayed projects.

Endurance testing generates masses of measurement data that is then transmitted over networks. IT departments then often complain because such data unnecessarily burdens their servers and excessively utilises storage resources. When a measurement technician chooses to rely on the support of an IT department, new obstacles await at every turn because endurance testing requires continuous operation without interruptions. When IT departments perform updates or maintenance work, the measurement data is at risk.

Minimising conflicts through greater independence

Regular software updates and maintenance of IT infrastructures need not interrupt testing. But how can this be guaranteed?

Modern data acquisition systems such as Delphin's Expert Loggers independently perform tasks that require no support from the IT department. Such tasks include monitoring, pre-processing, controlling and regulating, and ensuring maximum data security using integrated storage. Independence from other components, such as a PLC or monitoring and alarm system, can also be achieved.

PCs only visualise data and no longer control test procedures.

Secure data storage

For secure data storage, Delphin systems are equipped with hardware and software components for powerful and scalable data acquisition. An internal memory ensures that you can archive measurement data continuously and/or event-controlled. But what if a server becomes unavailable? Automated data archiving on the server is guaranteed by a scheduler in the DataService data management software. Should maintenance or a fault temporarily interrupt connections between servers and devices, the scheduler regularly attempts to re-connect. As soon as the server and network are again available, missing data is automatically uploaded to ensure continuous archiving. A special feature records measurement data directly to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive and USB storage. You then decide how to organise your data. These inexpensive drives offer virtually any size of storage space and represent an alternative to storing data on a server.

Independent visualisation of measurement data?

To avoid the effort of managing software installations, the web-based software ProfiSignal Web is available to users, e.g. on a server. You are therefore no longer required to install any software on your PC thereby reinforcing independent working while increasing security.

Are these issues familiar? We will be happy to advise you and find you the right solution.

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