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Data acquisition at 2 MS/s for electric voltage and IEPE sensors

02 March 2015

HBM: Test and Measurement (HBM) has developed a new input card with eight analog voltage inputs for data acquisition systems in the Genesis HighSpeed family. It supports connection of IEPE sensors including TEDS transducer identification (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) as well as digital inputs.

The sampling rate of the new data acquisition card is 2 MS/s per channel, with 18-bit resolution. All measurement channels are isolated. Calculations can be made in real time on the card in the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and measurements can be started with triggers. This makes the data acquisition card ideal for long-term signal monitoring. To acquire mechanical quantities such as pressure and acceleration, which require high sampling rates, IEPE sensors can be connected directly to the new input card. They are used for example to measure transient signals for explosion or drop tests.

The new data acquisition card can be used in all basic devices of the Genesis HighSpeed family. Signal conditioning is carried out in the Perception measurement software. To support technically challenging measurements, HBM offers services including on-site product training, seminars and contract measurements.

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