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Complex User-Specific Embedded Systems

Complex User-Specific Embedded Systems

15 April 2015

Jena, Germany, 14 April 2015. MAZeT GmbH presented new customer projects and examples of complex embedded-computing modules at the booth shared with PHOENIX CONTACT at the ‘embedded world’ trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany, from 24 to 26 February 2015. Other products demonstrated included innovative sensor solutions for controlling LEDs. This kind of control is required when the LED light source is an application comprising multiple LEDs. Despite the natural LED drift (temperature, aging), the application is required to constantly generate a specific mixed color or color temperature during the entire lifecycle or in a specific scenario.

Consistent LED Color Control Using Mobile Devices

The solution from MAZeT delivers consistent color, color temperature, and brightness levels, even for spectrally diverging LEDs. The corresponding wireless LED control solution designed by MAZeT relies on mobile devices. “Our LED-based RGBx light box impressively demonstrates how a smartphone or tablet can be used to precisely control the color, color temperature, and brightness,” explains Frank Krumbein, Product Manager for Color and Spectral Sensoring at MAZeT. This kind of wireless connection makes it possible to control multiple light boxes in parallel. Either all boxes light up in a specific color mixed according to the RGBW scheme, or a scenario with different colors can be implemented. When the same color is displayed on all light boxes, the human eye does not register any differences in color. The color also remains stable even when operating conditions change or if LEDs of various types or from different bins are used. A true-color color sensor of the JENCOLOR®  product  range ensures that the color remains constant. The sensor is complemented by wireless transmission technology and Android-based operating software. MAZeT offers the electronics and control system to luminaire manufacturers and system integrators as series-produced OEM modules.

Color Sensor Measures Water Quality

The development project’s objective was to design a photometer able to measure at great accuracy all parameters of colors that are in the visible spectrum (after adding a reagent) with just a single light source and sensor. PrimeLab’s JENCOLOR®-Multiple-Color-Sensor integrates all filters on the chip as opposed to previous devices, and its seven open channels measure the complete color spectrum at a level of quality close to that of a spectrometer. The sensor determines the precise color value and calculates the measurement value based on stored tables. Display messages instruct users on what chemicals need to be added to obtain the desired target values in the water. MAZeT developed the hardware and software incl. the multi-spectral sensor and mass-produces the board.

Scan Generator Customer Project

At embedded world 2015 MAZeT presented a development called ‘Scan Generator’ – the module is used in a repair unit of interference exposure masks for semiconductor wafers. The customer project involved an analog data capture and evaluation unit with PCIe interface and driver. The realized PCI-Express plug-in card generates electron beam deflection signals and collects chronologically parallel image information made available via a software driver.

About MAZeT

MAZeT GmbH is a leading European engineering and manufacturing service provider. The company was founded in 1992 and is based in Jena. MAZeT develops, manufactures and distributes customer specific devices, software and ASICs distributes own products of the trademark JENCOLOR®. The broad technology offer and application know-how in this field of industry electronics and opto-sensor technology lets MAZeT GmbH be a competent and reliable service partner for every customized client-specific solution. Their expertise and components for custom applications are used throughout the entire sector of industrial metrology, control and automation as well as medical technology.

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