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Blue Laser Technology for demanding measurement tasks

Blue Laser Technology for demanding measurement tasks

31 January 2020

Micro-Epsilon: For measurement tasks on demanding surfaces, Micro-Epsilon has developed the Blue Laser Technology. It is used for optical displacement and distance measurements on red-hot glowing, organic or (semi-)transparent objects. These Blue Laser sensors provide extremely stable signals while offering outstanding focusing capability.

Patent protection of Blue Laser triangulation sensors for red-hot glowing and transparent objects

Measurements involving blue laser triangulation sensors on red-hot glowing objects exceeding 700 °C and (semi-)transparent objects are protected by patent law and are thus exclusively permissible with Blue Laser sensors from Micro-Epsilon. Transparent objects include plastics, glass, adhesives, silicones, paints, coatings, Plexiglas and seals.

Innovative optoNCDT 1750BL Blue Laser sensor

The optoNCDT 1750BL laser triangulation sensor plays a leading role in its sensor class due to the innovative Blue Laser Technology and its wide range of features combined with excellent performance. In addition to the paper industry, it is also used in the metals, ceramics, semiconductor, food and wood industries as well as in medical technology where the sensor ensures real-time quality control. The small light spot of the optoNCDT 1750BL detects even the smallest of components reliably. Due to its compactness, the sensor can also be integrated into small installation spaces. Depending on the model, the sensor is available for measuring ranges from 20 to 750 mm. The user-friendly web interface enables to adapt the measurement tasks and the retrieval of predefined setups.

Distance measurement onto paper pulp

The new optoNCDT 1750BL from Micro-Epsilon solves measurement tasks that have not previously been possible with conventional laser sensors. With this measurement task, the paper is transformed from a humid paper pulp to a solid paper web. Since the measurement takes place very early in the production process, possible parameter deviations are recognized in time which saves materials and money. The patented Blue Laser Technology enables the sensor to measure paper pulp which is almost transparent when manufacturing quality paper during production. Sensors with red laser light fail to perform this measurement as the red laser shines through the still damp paper pulp and cannot generate any stable signals.

Unique feature - distance measurement on transparent materials

Another measurement task that can only be solved using the Blue Laser Technology is the diffuse measurement of transparent plastic objects. The Blue Laser method for laser sensors patented by Micro-Epsilon in numerous countries enables precise measurement of the distance of transparent materials in a unique way. Laser triangulation sensors normally operate using red laser light. With their wavelength range of 670 nm, these sensors reach their physical limits when it comes to red-hot glowing, organic or (semi-)transparent objects. The Blue Laser Technology measures at a wavelength of 405 nm, which is why the laser light does not penetrate the objects but images a sharp measurement spot. As a result, highly precise results are obtained.

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