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3-Wire Universal Bridge Amplifier for Load Cells AS7539A

08 April 2021

The AS7539A is a universal 3-wire amplifier providing five modes of operation (current/voltage and unipolar/bipolar outputs). It has individual multi-turn potentiometers for the precise setting of Zero and Span and is also available with mid. zero output (12mA for example) for compression / tension transducers. The inputs provide EMI-/RF-suppression. Transducer wires can be easily clamped onto the board. Two additional extension boards (ASM1) are also available providing multiple transducer processing (allowing up to 4- or 8-amplifiers), along with rugged aluminium enclosures offering IP66 protection.


  • Wide range power supply 12-24V
  • 10V stabilised bridge excitation
  • Bridge resistance 87 Ohm (or greater) 
  • Bridge sensitivity 0.3mV/V – 3mV/V
  • Size 48mm x 41mm x 19mm height 
  • Fast calibration procedure
  • Reverse-polarity protection


  • Load-Cell Industrial Weighing
  • Strain-gauge Load Testing & Monitoring 
  • Overload Protection Systems

About Asset Instruments Engineering Ltd

Asset Instruments Engineering is an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) manufacturer and OEM electronic services provider. We specialise in instrumentation products, supplying manufacturers of load cells, strain gauges, pressure sensors, hydrostatic transmitters, and many other system manufacturers with a wide range of products including Amplifiers, Digital Indicators and Wireless Modules to integrate into their products and systems

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