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Gas warning systems from MSR-Electronic for safety on ships

Gas warning systems from MSR-Electronic for safety on ships

10 December 2020

Reliable gas monitoring on board

Gas leaks on board can quickly lead to fire and poisoning. Depending on the type of seagoing vessel and its cargo, dangerous gas concentrations can form at any time. According to the guidelines, the installation of fixed gas alarm systems is mandatory in most ships. In addition, a reliable gas warning system from MSR-Electronic not only protects the lives of the crew but also protects the cargo of the ship and even the ship itself from serious damage.

A European manufacturer of patrol ships has specialized in the production and maintenance of ships used for law enforcement at sea. These ships are lightly armed, fast boats to medium size vessels, which mainly cooperate with the navies, coastguard services, customs services and with scientific institutions.

Oxygen gas sensors from MSR-Electronic were used to protect against explosions on the ship. The O2 gas sensors (type PolyXeta®2) are used to monitor the inert rendering of fuel tanks. Nitrogen is added to the tank to prevent a fire hazard. The gas sensors warn the crew if the oxygen concentration in the tank rises above 5 %. An alarm is triggered at increased O2 concentration.

For successful gas monitoring with specified SIL requirements, the fixed PolyXeta®2 gas detector with the innovative exchangeable sensor from MSR-Electronic is applied. The microprocessor-based gas sensor with output signal as well as alarm and fault relay (all SIL2 certified) monitors the ambient air for combustible and toxic gases and vapours as well as oxygen displacement by means of a catalytic pellistor, infrared or electrochemical sensor element. With the 4–20 mA / RS-485 Modbus output signal, the sensor is suitable for connection to the gas controller series from MSR-Electronic as well as to other MSR controllers or automation devices. Optionally, the PolyXeta®2 sensor is also available with LC display and relay output. Individual customer configuration, e.g. for alarm thresholds and relay assignment, is also possible.

Re-calibration on site. Calibration for PolyXeta®2 sensors from MSR-Electronic without LCD is carried out via the handy STL06-PGX2 calibration device or the PCE06-PGX2 PC software. Sensors with LCD have an integrated calibration routine that is started from the outside by a permanent magnet without opening the housing. For sensors with LCD, the background lighting changes from green to red in case of alarm or error. The exchangeable sensors thus enable simple and time-saving calibration on site.

PolyXeta®2 – Use in various applications. The PolyXeta®2 sensor is used in industrial applications such as the oil/gas industry, shipping, biogas plants, petrochemical industry, power plants and for hydrogen detection in Atex zone 1/2. The PolyXeta®2 sensor is also suitable for commercial areas like gas transfer stations etc.

Further information on MSR products can be found here in the current online catalog or in the webshop:

MSR-Electronic is a manufacturer of fixed gas warning systems with decades of experience in the field of building automation and gas measurement technology. The international company with headquarters in Germany has a wide range of methods for the detection of toxic and combustible gases. On this basis MSR-Electronic develops individual gas sensors, controllers and warning devices for many applications, such as parking garages, tunnels, petrochemical industry or shipping. The products meet more than the general standards and regulations and can therefore guarantee the safety of the plant. 

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