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Fork light barriers

A selection of the latest product news, technical articles and application examples for the term Fork light barriers:

Detect every small part

Detect every small part

Leuze electronic: The new fork sensors of the GS 04B and GS 08B series from Leuze detect even the smallest objects with absolute reliability. They are ideal for reliable detection in high speed applications

Micrometer-exact positioning of punching strips

Micrometer-exact positioning of punching strips

Sensor Instruments GmbH: During the production of punched articles, the punching procedure requires the exact positioning of the punching strips as the processing of the punching strip is performed in a number of process steps in the punching...

Two in one: Leuze presents the GSX, the world's first combined forked sensor

Two in one: Leuze presents the GSX, the ...

Leuze electronic: With the new GSX combined forked sensor, Leuze is once again presenting a worldwide innovation. The device combines the advantages of light and ultrasonic sensors. The new GSX rounds of Leuze's range of forked sensors. The device...

Analog laser fork light barrier: type A-LAS-F24-…-C

Analog laser fork light barrier ...

Sensor Instruments GmbH: The analog laser fork light barrier type A-LAS-F24-…-C in connection with an amplifier type SI-CON4, SI-CON8, SI-CON11, AGL3, AGL4 or in connection with the evaluation unit type A-LAS-CON1, can be used for...


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