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Pressure and Gas Flow Sensors for Medical Applications

Pressure and Gas Flow Sensors for Medical Applications

08 January 2021

It is a well-known fact, that in the medical sector, the implementation of any device must meet the highest standards of performance, reliability and quality. Every member of the medical industry should benefit from the usage of smart systems for medical applications which, in turn, contributes to a more reliable and convenient treatment procedure, beneficial both for doctors and nurses as well as for patients.

Subsequently, sensor performance is of paramount importance for medical applications. To sustain and meet the demanding needs of the medical industry, ES Systems has developed application-specific sensors with enhanced technical specs ideal for the demanding environment of the medical industry. Today, many of our pressure and gas flow sensors are widely used in various medical applications, including oxygen concentrators, ventilators, respirators and patient monitoring systems. The use of high-quality gas flow and pressure sensor solutions has become essential in such applications and thus ubiquitous throughout hospital departments and healthcare.

Medical Flow Sensors

Flow sensors are regarded as the meters used to measure and/or control the flow rate and the exact dosing of any liquid or gas. Due to their application in the medical field, where either considerable or small amounts of liquid or gas fluids need to be handled and metered, the total measurement error of the flow sensors has to be of the highest standards, for a variety of measurement environments. On that account, high accuracy flow sensors could be placed within equipment such as nebulizers, oxygen conservers, anesthesia machines, ventilation equipment and respiration devices.

Flow sensors with medical applications

ESRF – ESF is a resistive, thermal mass, gas flow sensor, with an accurate bidirectional output making it one of the few sensors ideal for medical applications. Based on the hot – film anemometer principle for mass gas flow and temperature measurement, it provides calibrated and temperature compensated output with great accuracy and very low total error margin. Due to its innovative design, the sensor does not get damaged when it comes in contact with condensed humidity that can be created in patient breathing monitoring conditions due to exhalation, qualifying it as an optimal medical flow sensor for respiratory usage. ESRF-ESF has excellent long – term stability while its compact design, and versatility, will meet the increased demand for ventilatory and respiratory assistance. ESRF – ESF is CE certified, making it ideal for retrofit use, where systems are already certified and there is limited budget and time for a second run of certification.

Medical Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors are crucial components for medical devices in order to sustain and enhance the quality of a more effective and safe operation. Furthermore, they are the reason there has been a notable increase in portable healthcare monitoring products since they have become an integral part of designing medical applications. Pressure sensors can monitor a patient’s condition by providing definite and reliable diagnostics in a broad range of conditions. This can include monitoring oxygen therapy effectiveness in oxygen concentrators, automating drug infusion by administering the correct volume and rate of fluid in infusion pumps, or even measuring blood pressure.

Pressure sensors with medical applications

To meet the high demand for high accuracy and stability, ES Systems has developed a family of board mountable pressure sensors. ESCP–BMS1 can be described as a silicon capacitive pressure sensor ideal for gas measurements in HVAC, industrial and, most importantly, medical applications. With long – term stability for differential pressure measurement, high over-pressure tolerance due to its innovative SOI – surface micro-machining technology and exceptional accuracy, this sensor can be configured to provide pressure and temperature outputs with a very small total error. That makes it a fitting sensor concerning medical applications such as breathalyzers, patient monitoring equipment, urine analyzers, ventilators, etc.

ES Systems, with a long experience in innovative MEMS, has designed high quality and high-performing gas flow and pressure sensors that have unique qualities with respect to competitive products, due to their technical specifications, outstanding reliability and competitive prices.

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