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Ultrasonic sensors for medical technology

Ultrasonic sensors for medical technology

21 September 2015
SONOTEC at Compamed 2015

SONOTEC is presenting its full range of sensors for use in medical devices from 16 to 19 November 2015 at Compamed in Dusseldorf. The combi-sensor SONOFLOW CO.56 for flow metering and simultaneous air bubble detection is a completely new addition to the portfolio of contactless ultrasonic sensors. In addition, the SONOCHECK ALD clamp-on sensor for fluid level monitoring on drip chambers and the sensors in the SONOCHECK ABD series for air bubble detection are being presented. The SONOFLOW CO.55 clamp-on sensor for flow metering and the optical sensor BLD01 for the detection of smallest traces of blood in dialysis fluids are also being exhibited. 

The SONOFLOW CO.56 combines two measuring techniques in one device: flow metering of fluids and simultaneous air bubble detection. As a clamp-on device, it is particularly suitable for processes with strict hygiene requirements. In contrast to all other sensors on the market, full evaluation is integrated in the device, so there is no need for another external electronic board. As for all sensors in the SONOFLOW series, an optional software is available, which is high-performance and yet user-friendly.

The sensors in the ALD series detect the liquid level on drip chambers. SONOTEC offers two versions of the sensor: The single-channel ALD01 with one measuring point reliably checks a defined fluid level. The dual-channel ALD02 detects levels between a predefined minimum and maximum value. Both models have a user-specific, programmable microcontroller with scalable functions. Their design depends on the diameter and material of the drip chamber, as well as on the fill level being checked

The SONOCHECK ABD05, ABD06 and ABD07 clamp-on ultrasonic sensors quickly and reliably detect air bubbles in fluid-filled tubes and measuring chambers. Therefore, the sensors allow both fluid monitoring and wet/dry alarm notification. As they have no problem adapting to dynamically changing acoustic conditions, they ensure a high degree of reading stability with respect to fluctuating ambient conditions. The measuring cycle is 200 µs and the response time is typically 1 ms. The ultrasonic sensors have a user-specific programmable micro-controller with extendable functionalities, for example fail-safe and serial communication.

SONOTEC developed the BLD01 blood leak detector especially for dialysis. It systematically detects any change which affects the translucency of an optically transparent medium and reacts significantly more sensitively and faster than comparable products to blood or to changes in the medium. In this way, the BLD01 registers even the smallest traces of blood – over a long treatment period of up to eight hours. The required sensitivity is specified by the IEC 60601-2-16 (2008) international standard. In line with this, the sensor detects blood amounts as from 0.35 ml/min at a hematocrit level of 0.32 l/l and a maximum specified flow rate. Furthermore, its higher stability and lower susceptibility to failures by ambient light makes it stand out with respect to comparable products.

The SONOTEC range includes also the SONOCHECK CO.55 clamp-on sensor for checking correct dosing and flow velocity when there is automatic fluid supply in the medical technology field. The sensor measures the flow of fluids in PVC and flexible tubes and is suitable for easy use and retrofitting of a really wide range of devices. It does not need any additional mounting, because it hangs directly on the tube. SONOTEC offers the flow meter for many different tube diameters which are typical in medicine. This includes versions of the sensor for the following applications:

  • 3/8” tubes, as commonly used in heart-lung-machines,
  • 4.2 mm infusion lines for blood transfusions and
  • 6.8 mm dialysis tubes.

The non-invasive detection and compact design of the sensors, which do not need any additional electronic board, form the basic requirement for hygienic and contamination-free applications. The fluid-filled tube or drip chamber is simply inserted into the respective sensor and the cable is connected to the device control unit. No coupling medium is required. The sensors also react automatically to changing boundary conditions, for example due to tolerances of the tubes or ageing processes. This means they are just as suitable for frequent changes as for operation lasting over several months.

The sensors have configurable current (0/4 to 20 mA) or pulse outputs. A serial interface allows connection to a computer and therefore easy parameterization and detailed analysis by using monitor software. This function is common to all the sensors mentioned and a unique selling point of the SONOTEC sensors. This tool means that users themselves are in a position to test the sensors and also to undertake adjustments to their specific requirements within the specified framework. The manufacturer can also make application-specific adaptations to all the sensors mentioned in terms of design, interfaces and features such as safety routines or power supply.

Visit SONOTEC from 16 to 19 November 2015 at Compamed in hall 8a, booth N08!


Founded in 1991, nowadays SONOTEC GmbH is a leading specialist in ultrasonic measurement technology solutions. With more than 100 employees, the technology company based in Halle (Saale) in the heart of Germany develops and manufactures customer-specific ultrasonic transducers and sensors as well as testing equipment and measuring technology solutions for a wide variety of industries. These range from medical technology and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to engineering and plant construction and non-destructive testing.

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