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Ultrasonic sensors with teach-in

Ultrasonic sensors with teach-in

01 August 2013

SNT Sensortechnik AG: Ultrasonic sensors for industrial applications are used in machines and equipment for detecting parts (binary output) or for distance and level measurement (analogue output). In both versions, application-specific parameters must be set by the customer:

  • Binary output: Switching distance or switching window
  • Analogue output: minimum and maximum

The setting is done either by hand with a potentiometer or with a teach-in procedure. The potentiometer has the advantage that one can “feel” what you are doing and thus it is at least subjectively safer. However the teach-in method is much more precise and when correctly handled 100% reproducible.

SNT Sensortechnik AG offers two product families with teach-in:

  • UPS: size M12, 200mm max. distance
  • UPR-A: size M18, 1500mm max. distance

On both types the teach procedure is done with a teach input, i.e. by an external electrical signal. This has the advantage that after setting nothing can be altered and that one can also teach with the help of a programmable control.

With the brand new UPR-A Series users can program more parameters with the same Teach-In in addition to the basic a.m. settings:

  • Differently shaped detection beams
  • Scan or retroreflective operation
  • Factory reset

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