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Measuring distances with a direct measured value display

Measuring distances with a direct measured value display

09 September 2015

SIKO GmbH: In many areas of industry or mechanical engineering, there are measuring jobs to be done with wire-actuated encoders to measure distances or displacements that are not connected to control systems but the measured values should be displayed. Be it in material handling, the packaging industry, the paper industry, or the textile industry. The task of controlling distances with millimeter precision can be found in all areas.

MA508SG – Measurement display with wire-actuated encoder

In addition to the already known instruments for measuring lengths, angles, rotational speeds and inclinations, the SIKO GmbH is now offering a new meter with an attached cable control that can be used for a variety of applications. The measurement display unit MA508SG measures distances of up to 2000 mm in length and immediately shows the measured distance with a resolution of 0.1 mm in the display that is spatially separated from the wire-actuated encoder. The advantage of this is that, in principle, the meter can be mounted anywhere on the machine. In other known devices, the measuring length is 1000 mm.

Sophisticated, durable magnetic measuring technology

A magnetic ring is integrated in the wire-actuated encoder to emit the signal. The impulse that is emitted from the magnetic ring is translated by the measuring device into the correct distance information and sent to the display. It can be used in applications with areas to be measured of up to 2000 mm.

Compact and proven

The new measuring display unit MA508SG with a wire-actuated encoder from the MagLine product range is impressive due to its innovative and, above all, proven technology of the well-known MA508 measuring display unit and the SG10 wire-actuated encoder that has been selling very successfully. The compact size of the two components allow for a problem-free constructive integration, even in installations where space is restricted.

Push button operation

The measuring display unit can be set to zero or to a pre-defined offset value at the push of a button. Other parameters can be programmed by using an external programming device called ‘PTM’ that is connected to the unit through the programming input port.
MA508SG profile:

  • Measurement lengths of up to 2000 mm
  • Resolution of 0.1 mm
  • Maintenance-free backup battery
  • Long battery life
  • Easy mounting
  • Compact design

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