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KMA36 System-on-Chip for rotational linear position measurement

KMA36 System-on-Chip for rotational linear position measurement

22 February 2013

Magnetoresistive highly accurate with 13-bit resolution

PEWATRON launches the KMA36 universal magnetic encoder from Measurement Specialties. It seamlessly combines a magnetoresistive sensor array with an analog-to-digital converter and a signal processor in a compact TSSOP package.

Using an Anisotropic Magneto Resistive (AMR) technology, the contactless sensor measures the incremental positions along a 5 mm linear magnetic pole strip and magnetic field angle of an external magnet in a 360° rotation.

Data communication, configuration and analog signal output and can be easily accessed through TSSOP pins. Featuring a self-diagnostic sequence at power-on, the software allows the electronic circuit to be tested prior to integrating it into the assembly as well as during field use. It also signals failures and faults to the system it interfaces with.

The KMA36 universal magnetic encoder offers a very high 13-bit resolution, and was designed to replace the less precise Hall-effect position sensors which are susceptible to external noise.

These devices will also be the sensor of choice for low-power applications. The KMA36 features a sleep and low power mode (1.2mA only) as well as an automatic wake-up in I2C mode. Position data can be transmitted using two-wire (SCL, SDA) communication bus or PWM.

The sensors can withstand temperature changes, dirt, dust and similar contaminants. Primary applications include engine and vehicle environments, harsh industrial uses, machine tools, control of handling machines, motor motion and robotics. They can also be used in selected laboratory, medical and conveyor instrumentation. Customized solutions can be provided. Evaluation boards are available with short lead-times.


  • Contactless Absolute 360° (180°) angle measurement
  • Incremental and linear mode
  • Standard I2C Interface (100 kHz)
  • Programmable resolution up to 13 bit (0.04 degree)
  • Very low hysteresis
  • High accuracy mode
  • User-programmable parameters
  • Low power mode
  • Sleep and automatic wake-up over I2C
  • Programmable zero position
  • Device address hardware configurable
  • Small Pb-Free package (TSSOP20)


PEWATRON, specialises in physical and geometrical sensors, power supplies and e-components. PEWATRON delivers a wide assortment of electronic components ranging from standard products, semi-custom products to custom products. PEWATRON works closely with developers and can be involved right from the start of a product development process to ensure that together with the customer, the best fitting component for the application is found.

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