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Compact data acquisition for different measuring tasks

Compact data acquisition for different measuring tasks

07 March 2023

Delphin Technology AG: There is a great demand for compact data acquisition. Minimal space in the control cabinet, decentralised and mobile applications, measurements with few channels - there are numerous areas of application.

For a retrofit of industrial plants, additional measurement technology is to be retrofitted. However, the space in the control cabinet is very limited. In other areas, it is important to have devices that are as handy as possible. For many of these applications, compact measured value acquisition with a few measuring channels is completely sufficient. Nevertheless, no compromises should be made in the scope of performance of the measurement technology.

Typical areas of application for compact measured value acquisition are 

  • Retrofitting of existing systems (retrofit) for system monitoring
  • Mobile or decentralised measurement data acquisition
  • Laboratory data acquisition, clean room monitoring, environmental measurement technology 
  • Acquisition and monitoring of process and energy data 
  • Fault analysis with a measuring case for changing measurements on site

What matters in compact measurement data acquisition

Small and handy measurement technology: the Loggito measuring device is very compact with dimensions of 95 x 67 x 65 mm and a weight of only 220 g.

No channel overhead: Loggito has four or eight universal analogue inputs (mV, mA, thermocouples, Pt100, Pt1000) and two digital inputs and outputs.

Universally applicable: Loggito can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures thanks to its protocol openness (OPC UA, Modbus, ASCII) and interface diversity (LAN, WLAN, USB).

Autonomous, decentralised operation: Suitable for cost-effective networking of decentralised measuring points independent of a PC. The measurement data remain stored in the measuring device even if the network fails.

High accuracy: Thanks to an A/D converter with 24-bit resolution, even very small changes in measured values are recorded very accurately and step effects in the measured values are avoided.

Measuring device and software support for compact data logging

The Loggito Logger is a handy and compact measuring device for universal use. Each measuring channel can be individually configured for the connection of voltage, current or thermocouple signals. The connection of resistance thermometers in 2-, 3- or 4-wire technology is optionally possible. All measured variables can be recorded simultaneously and independently of each other.

The configuration of the measuring channels is program-supported. Depending on the measuring task, the monitor shows which wire is to be connected to which terminal. The correct selection of sensors and measuring range is done via a drop-down menu.

The ProfiSignal 20 software provides a platform-independent measurement tool. Here, measurement data from remote measuring points can be accessed from any terminal device. Numerous diagrams and charts are available for visualising the measured values. Both offline and online values can be displayed. Thanks to a very effective measurement data management, the user can also scroll and zoom in historical data without delay.

In addition, an alarm management with alarm functions as well as a recorder function are available, for example, to record and save individual test measurements via a recording button.

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